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aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a cute thread!
it would be fair to say that this is the best pic!...all of them are soooooooo deep cute! absolutely! brilliants!

here´s my contribution at this marvellous thread!

Sleeping in a hammock!

and making a countorsionist!

Coming soon Catulina´s pic´s!
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Parents cat Georgie

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A few of our sleepy cats! Cats look so peaceful when they sleep...

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Katz4Life I love the one where all three have a part of the bed!

Here is one I took yesterday

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I got a few too!

Angel in my closet, silly girl!

Angel likes her daddy's beret better, lol!

First day we got both Angel and Tiger

Tiger always sleeps on his back now!


They're about 4-5(?) months old now and they've gotten a lot bigger. I'll have to get more updated pics of them soon, lol!
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Originally Posted by My cat Mellow View Post
Katz4Life I love the one where all three have a part of the bed!
Our cats love our bed - there is always at least one kitty sleeping there.

When we aren't sleeping on it - they are. Little sleepyheads!

Your cat Mellow looks so cozy in the picture you posted! Aww

Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
The photo of Tiger sleeping on his back is adorable!!
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I've got plenty of those pics!

Jack is usually awake and playing when I see him so I don't have many of him sleeping. He's half awake in these:

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Love the black and white ones....

I just popped into the den where the computer is and saw Mellow in this position, normally he is curled up and squished sideways inside the carrier, but today I guess he changed his mind....

What a cute face...

I think i disturbed him a little bit, because he did a big stretch and ended up like this

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Aw, I love this thread! Especially the cats sleeping on their backs.

Here's Penny in a basket.

Penny and our dog Molly who is now at the RB

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Emma showing her little tushy


The sweetest picture EVER.

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OH MY!!! All these sleepy kitties!

I can't believe I have NO photos of my kitties sleeping... I'll have to get on that.
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Ooo I had to add this one of Kahlua its just too priceless!
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Origionally the rabbits nesting box

(all the cats take turns in there)

Pepper imitating a human fetus

"I WILL kung fu you!"

"I'm not playing on you're laptop mum"

Another cat taking turns being disturbed by Miss Pepper
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Here's some recent ones of my boy sleeping

I don't think he looked comfortable at all here

Funny boy

Sleeping on mom's lap
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Great pictures everyone!
Sleeping kitties are soooo cute
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Our cat Snowball sleeping next to Shilo & Sadee. The kittens adore him
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I love all of the sleepy kitty pictures...keep 'em coming!
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heres of luna and sol....dreaming of sweet little kitten dreams.

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That is so cute!
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heres another one i found, and i found them this way when i came from the i took a picture quickly with my cellphone thats why its small...

this is a cool thread
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Here are two of Mellow:

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Winston and Murphy all sleepy yesterday

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What a cute thread!

Here are some of Polly and Molly!

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Here's Shelly sleeping on my son's backpack which is always in the middle of the floor.

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oh, you asked for it now...LOL....

no, i don't take pics of my cat at all...really...
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Being couch hogs

Conan's cute spotted belly

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All the cats are so beautiful! You all take great photos!

This is my sister's cat, Bubbles. When he was a kitten he had this really short tail, when got older his tail became gigantic. And I don't know if you can see, but he has this cute bend in both his ears like little horns.

This is Bonks being silly. She loves boxes!

Here is Chino sleeping with a little smile.

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