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ANOTHER black eye for the U.N.

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You really do love digging up meaningless trivia to champion your cause, don't you? Lucky you've got good ol' Fox News to help you find the biting stories at the forefront of today's world issues.
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UMMM ... When can we disban the UN .... It is the "world govt" mentioned in Revaltions
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The UN is a farce, unfortunately. This kind of thing could be momentarily discrediting, but there are bigger fish to fry as far as that organisation is concerned.
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There you go, the guliding light and only hope for Earth the UN,
the group that every tells us we need there blessing to do anything.
blah, who cares kick them out of town.
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I can't help it if mainstream media only prints what advances their liberal agenda.

So, if Fox prints a story that is true it makes it less true because if came from Fox?

"Meaningless trivia"? To you perhaps.
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I'm sure it's true. I don't doubt their veracity (any more so than any other media outlet) I just find it funny that you rarely post anything from any other source. But I forgot - you don't want a balanced view, do you?

There are bad eggs in every organisation, and like I said earlier, the UN is a joke anyway, so I don't think many are going to be surprised that it also has its share of bad eggs.

What I do find endlessly amusing is that you, Bush's biggest champion, continue to point the finger at others being corrupt, breaking the law, and generally exploiting their power. It's a paradox that never fails to provide entertainment.
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I have to balance out your constant condemnation of Bush, doncha know.
Fair and Balanced all the way, that's me.

Actually, I believe most of the links I post aren't from Fox because of how much many pooh-pooh Fox.
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I only constantly condemn because nobody (including me - and I've looked) has been able to come up with a reliable and credible source to anything good he's actually done.
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His strength and courage got us through 9-11. That is so sappy, but that is how I feel. Plus he has kept us safe ever since.
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Oh my God! You've done it! Comedy gold. Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh today. Work is crazy.
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I have my moments don't I? That post was just for you Sarah dear.
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wow. Faux News dug up some dirt on the UN...what a shock....

Please! You don't think they have some kind of agenda to try to make sense of the Iraq War that the UN clearly didn't want to take part in???

What about all those WMD's that were never found by the UN?? Guess what? There were none.
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Here we go again.

I just saw Colnel Oliver North last night on Fox News. He has been to Iraq 8 times since the War has started, embedded with the guys that are actually fighting the War. Remember them, our military?

He says things are getting MUCh better and the surge is working.

But I know, that does not fit the liberal agenda so I'm sure it must be a lie.
After all, I'm sure all the liberal politicians like Harry dingy Reid have been to Iraq more than 8 times.

Looks like MSNBC has their own agenda also.
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My first reaction to this was similar to Sarah's: oh great, another Faux News story.

So I did a google search and the story is actually listed all over the media. Of course some of those cover the story a bit more thoroughly than the Faux.......

But I have to ask the point of the posting? In the last 2 years, 9 out of 14 people gained access to this country illegally. Is this a debate about the U.N.? Or a debate on illegal immigration? Or on scandals in general?

Personally, there are more important issues at hand right now.
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Hey and that is your opinion and you are welcome to it.
There are much more important things than many threads in IMO, what is your point?
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