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Just a couple quick questions.

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I just have a few questions to ask to get your thoughts and see if I am thinking the right things. Firstly, our new cat Cala has been having soft stool since we got her, I am pretty sure it is because there was no transition. Im not sure what she was eating before we got her but I know it wasnt Merrick or anything good. She is a long haired cat and has been getting a lot of poo on her rear. Not just around her hole but like down her legs and stuff. We have had to clean her a few times, but what would you suggest I do until she gets used to the food? Should I just trim her fur like I was going to or should I do something else? Would just trimming it help? Secondly, she had a major infestation of fleas when we got her. We threw her in a flea bath and I have not seen a flea since. However there still seems to be some dirt and scabs around her neck. Do you think there may still be fleas or is it just the rest of the scabs and stuff going away like I was thinking? And finally, with both of my cats being long haired, what are the chances of hairballs happening and what can I do to prevent them, is there any need to? Thank you guys for helping me.
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You might want to trim the fur under the tail and down the back legs for awhile. Best bet is to use a groomer right now till you can do it yourself.

I'd get a few combs for grooming both of your cats - a flea comb is essential to be sure they are not in the coat. You'll need another fine-toothed comb and a medium toothed comb for grooming. Brushes don't do anything for a longhair - you need combs.

I'd groom them several times a week - some cats if they mat easily will need to be combed every day.

And being long hair, I'd get some hairball paste or use butter 2-3 times a week (give them about a 1/2 teaspoon of butter.
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Definitely go over her coat with a flea comb, regularly. The scabs are evidence of fleas--my Tiny had them all over him when I first rescued him. They should drop off during combing, as the scabbed areas heal. Don't worry if a bit of fur comes off with them--that's normal.

Clip your cat's claws. If she is still itching from flea bites (or the scabs), she will scratch herself; and the claws can cause more injury. Getting them trimmed down a bit will help cut down on any more scabbing.

Oh, and keep the kitty treats handy. She needs to get the idea that grooming=a Good Thing, especially since she's a longhair!

Do you have a pic?
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