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Ghost tabby markings on Oriental Self (Solid) kittens?

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I was just wondering if anyone with a little more knowledge about Oriental SH kittens could advise as to when ghost tabby markings usually fade? Sonic my blue self (solid) boy has an otherwise gorgeous coat but still has 2 ghost rings on his tail. He did have some spots on his stomach but they were less visible to start with and have now gone. He's now 9 months old, do you think we may still see some improvement?
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Is he show quality? (or did you buy him as show) Blues tend to retain some of the tabby markings longer (so do creams) then darker colors. HOW dark are the rings?

They probably will continue to fade over the next 6 months. I've seen some adult cats under a year that still had them. Will try and check on some of the blue or cream color cats at the next show (orientals or other SH) and get a better idea for you.

I'm trying to think of how long my RB's had the tabby markings on the tail but that was long ago. Let me see if I can find some info on the web.
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Thanks GK, that was quick!

We got him as a pet, but his breeder is keen to have another look at him now he's older with a view to maybe having us try him out at a show as his lilac brothers have been doing great in kitten classes and you just don't see blues in the showring here for some reason! He's not got the most extreme head type I've ever seen, but he's not got any faults under GCCF standard of points either (unless those tail rings hang around for too long!)

They aren't really dark, just visible in certain angles of light. I'll certainly mention it to his breeder too and see what she thinks. I'm currently trying to get some good photos of him to send her so I'll include one of his tail, if only he would sit still! I didn't get him in order to show him, but if his breeder wants to try him out I certainly don't see any harm in it, I'm not too worried about it freaking him out as he has a great temperament (if a little bossy )
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I think his breeder would be the best judge simply cause pictures are sometimes deceiving and you can't get the right color/shading to tell like you could in person.

If she thinks its worth showing him, then go for it And put Radar in the HHP class too I don't think the judges really take that much off for tail rings on blues or creams.
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Thanks for your help, I know I can always rely on you for advice

I got him as a pet but the vast majority of the breeder's kittens are show quality, she's very small scale (1 litter a year, 2 at most usually from different queens) and wants good pet homes for her kittens first and foremost but encourages those who adopt her kittens to show them - she wasn't sure about Sonic when he was little and he is slightly older-style facially but our showrings haven't gone 100% modern (ie very extreme) type, so it would really depend upon the judge's taste, so I think it may be worth a go!

She's been really great and supportive to us, so if she wants us to put him in a show I'd have no problem doing it if that's what she wants, but it's her call at the end of the day

And yep if I'm taking Sonic to a show any time I may as well take Radar along, only problem with him is that since he's reached adulthood he has the most awful recurring feline acne and it shows up horribly on his lovely white chin - if we can get that cleared up then I'd love to show him in HHP (depending on the classes available as he has one registered parent) as his markings and big gooseberry-green eyes are quite lovely
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Shouldn't matter on Radar - cause as long as he's not a registered cat you can show him HHP. If you bought a registered cat and did register him, then they can't be shown.
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