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can someone please tell me if she will deliver her placenta soon she had her first kitten an hour ago and still hasnt delivered it yet she has been cleaning the kitten and herself and the kitten is nursing and shes just laying there will she deliver it or am i supposed to do something
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Have you been watching her the entire time? Some cats eat the placenta right after birth. If you've been watching her this whole time, you might need to take her to the vet. If the placenta stays in her it could be deadly. I'm not sure how long you should wait though. Hopefully someone else can answer that.
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ok she just delivered the placenta and ate it yucky. anyway thank you for responding will keep updating as she has the rest
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Yuck - know what you mean - I can watch any birth but have to leave the room when they eat the placenta!

I'd keep a watch on her to be sure all are delivered. Normally it comes out a few mins or just ahead of the next kitten. However my one queen had the first kitten's sac break before delivery and it was dry coming out which was the only time she was in a lot of pain and almost didn't have him. The kitten's placenta was delivered with the 3rd kitten born (2 placentas came out).

I always like to be there for every birth to count them and be sure all are out of the mom.
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she just had her second one and its the same as last time she hasnt delivered the placenta the first one came out head first and the second one was breech both are grey tabbies so far shadow is a calico and white I think she has atleast 2 or 3 more left she was ginormous like she swallowed a cantalope, ok back to her and ill be back as she has them.
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#3 was just born and she delivered the 2nd placenta with it this one was orange and white
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how do you know when they are done besides going into another day or something. my baby is so tired and i want to change the newspaper but i cant wake her up shes so tired.
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