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Should I do it?

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My friend lives in NJ. His boss is in "hiring mode" right now and I've been given permission from the director [of the program I'm in] to finish my Masters degree remotely if I find a job.

Anyways, he told me the sooner I can get out there, the better...how ever plane tickets are $300 or more and I won't be reimbursed as of right now. If I did receive the job offer, I would try to negotiate my travel expenses in, but that's not guaranteed.

B is saying that I shouldn't go because they're not offering to fly me to NJ on their bill.

Should I just go anyway? Has anyone here job interviewed in other states before?
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I think usually if you interview out of state, the company would pay for it...
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I wonder if they would interview you via a teleconference call -- I think those can be arranged through Kinko's or similar places, and it would give you a chance to talk "face-to-face" without the expense. Then if they're interested in you, maybe they'd spring for the ticket for a followup interview in person...
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we pay for people who come from other provinces to interview, I think it is the norm
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I would think it would be opposite...like if you are not hired yet, why would they pay?

But I have no experience with it
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Hmmm...I'm still thinking about it. I emailed my friend back and asked if the positions were posted anywhere so that I could get a good idea of what they're looking for. There are multiple positions at this site.

I also found out that if I'm willing to travel a little further from the airport, I can save $100 on airfare. hmm....
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I'd say it depends on the salary there gonna give ya?

Can you work out a phone interview??
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