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lets see if this works this is Peeps
Oh it worked thats a picture of her when we first go her from the shelter. She is alot bigger now.
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Here is one of Baby I dont have any yet of cooper.
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Your kitties are adorable!!! I especially love Peeps, he is a cutie! I don't know what is about gray and white cats
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And hes so soft its like rabbit hair. Its changing a bit the back looks to be changing to a light cream color.
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Your kids are very sweet - I love their little faces!
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awe, they are cuties!
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ill try to get some better ones and get some ones up for cooper.
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here are 2 more
She is about 3-4 months old in these pictures shes now at least twice the size.
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Your cats are so pretty! Look at those beautiful faces!
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aww how sweettttt..... I love the looks.. too cute, and that long hair... My girls both are short haired,, soo cutesyyy
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