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"Smell Grimace" face

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Ok now I have stopped laughing I can post this.

Now Winston has had kinda runny poos and farts for the last couple days. He is still eating fine, drinking normal and acting like a loon trying to get at the highest point over Murphy etc so I am not too worried atm.
I put it down to me slowly changing their kitten food and him just loosing Arnie and having another brother come in!

Well anyways, I am sitting here with the TV off, just browsing the forums when I hear this massive fart!! I was like wth?!

I go over to the litter box and sure enough there's Winston in the litter box, doing a messy business, but it was his face. I swear I was crying.
As he was sitting there doing his business he all of a sudden go that "smell grimace" on his face and was hanging his tongue out. The poor guy then started scratching for dear life to cover it up.

Now I was born with out a sense of smell so I have no idea what it's like, but from his face alone, I don't think I ever what to know!!!
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That is so funny! I've seen that face a couple times before. Cairo will sniff Paris and then she'll make that face. Paris also makes that face when she sniffs Moscow in his sleep.
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Last week one night I was sound asleep when a smell woke me up and I heard Tedy jump down off the bed. I turned the light on thinking he`d pooped on the bed or something, which he has NEVER done. NOTHING! I looked over at him and he was sitting there just looking at me with that same look you have just described.....and I thought to myself that he`d far*ed....but alas, as I reached back to turn out the light I felt the next one escape ME ! Same smell....so it was`nt him after all (*she says blushing*)
Tedy left the room at that point....has to be pretty bad to make the cat leave when they can stand the smell of their own.
It was sooo bad that it would have made the average MAN.... PROUD! :-)
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Ok, reading this thread nearly made me snot coffee out of my nose...

I can totally identify with the stinky cat thing. Marcie was laying on my lap purring and cat napping when I caught this smell that made my eyes start watering. Naturally, I suspected my husband, but he completely denied being the source. I looked down at Marcie, and she looked up and I swear she was laughing....She is the Queen of the "Silent But Deadly" gas....
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that was so funny!.

When Jack first came home i picked him up and although i never heard him fluff i could smell him

Thankfully now that his foods been changed to what the girls have he hasn't fluffed since
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LOL! poor lil' guy.
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