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Anyone else covered in bug bites?

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Ugh... I have not slept for the past 2 nights because of misquito bites!! They're so itchy! I counted atleast 7 on me. I don't go outside that much and I use bug spray when I do. I tried using Lanacane, but it wears off to easily. Do you know of any med/tricks to stop the itching???
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The only thing that ever works for me is non-itch lotions. You can get them over the counter, it will say it's for bugs, posion ivy, etc.
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Usually they don`t even like me (fleas either) but when i do get an occassional bite I spray Windex on it and it stops the itching. (I think it`s the ammonia in if you have that you could just try it instead)
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I went wandering in the woods yesterday, and I was covered in nettles and spiderwebs and skeeter bites.

I am itchy all over. Shorts were a bad choice.

Luckily I have hydrocortisone, which IMO works better than the Benadryl cream. Oh, slightly off-topic, but if you wash your skin with Dawn after exposure to poison ivy but before you break out often you won't get it. It's the oil in the plant that makes the rash, and if you can get the oil off early enough you won't usually break out (then again, I'm not allergic to it at all really, so I can't attest to it)
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I hardly ever get bittten, I went to a bbq on friday and went outside for no more than 10 minutes, the next day I had been bitten 6 times, one would itch then stop and another would start.... I didnt put anything on them and they stopped eventually!
Just try not to scratch or touch them because as soon as you do it feels itchyer
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I've always had problems with mosquitos. If I go out for even just a few minutes, I'll get atleast one bite.

Linda, doesn't the windex sting?
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My dad had a BBQ last night and he lives in a very wooded area. I am now covered in mosquito bites

The mosquitos love me. Anytime I'm outside they attack me and apparently nobody else.

I usually use hydrocortisone... or if they are really bad you gan get a prescription pill or cream from your doctor which work really good!
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I was sitting outside on Saturday night holding my sisters kitten and all of the sudden I got like 6 mosquito bites on my feet. All my mom had for it was lanacane and it didn't work. They are still soooo itchy. I use after bite normally and it works, but sometimes it stings.
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oOOH! THey are SO BAD this year! We play cards with some of our neighbors in the evenings out back after the kids go to bed & we get EATEN ALIVE! My legs look like I have a diesese & my arms... UGH... Bug Spray with Citron, The DEET bug spray... We have used the citronella candles & the mosquito repellent inscence coils... there is the myth that bounce sheets will repel them, we've HUNG those (ya we look like psycho's out there) LOL! insence, haning bounce sheets... candles... we STILL get bitten!

Yet we still play cards... We're nuts.

I don't wear lotion, I don't use smelly body wash, I don't eat banannas, as I heard that attacts them... I dont' get it.... I'm going to have no blood left by summers end.
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I am outside a lot with work and always coming in with 10+ bug bites! It stinks! I dont know why they think I am so tasty! But anyways I found something that actually works!
It doesnt sound like it would work but I promise it does on me. And its cheaper than a bottle of bug spray. And if you just like random little gadgets or things for your cell or ipod or anything that is the best site ever! Lots of cheap stuffs!
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