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I was wondering if there were any types of flea medication that are water resistant. I know that my mother uses advantage on her dog, but she says that she can only give the dog a bath once a month because it will wash off the medication. Zorro needs a bath more than once a month and I don't want to waste my money putting in on when I'm just going to wash it right off.
Does anyone know of anything??
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I'm fairly certain that Frontline is supposed to stay on through a bath. Yep, just checked it on the website, and it's waterproof.

Here's a coupon too, in case you can use it. http://frontline.us.merial.com/offers/offers_coupon.asp
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I'm not sure if we have Frontline up here. I've never heard of it before...
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Actually, looking at the Frontline website, it doesn't appear available in Canada. Sorry bout that, didn't look at your location.

Um, Advantage, does, however, say that it's effective and doesn't need reapplication after weekly swimming or bathing. Here's their link.


They also have a coupon listed under special offers (effectively teh same deal as the frontline).

K9 advantix also is supposed to be waterproof, but is for use only on dogs. www.k9advantix.com and they also have a coupon.
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Revolution is good for bathing 2 hours after being put on. That is what I use.
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I switched from Frontline to K9 Advantix on my dog and am very pleased at how well it works. For some reason Frontline didn't work as well for me. My dog goes swimming (and I mean 2 hour swims) twice a week, and the K9 Advantix keeps working. We hike a lot and I have yet to see a single flea or tick on him this year.

The only problem I have with it is that there is a huge caution about cats on the product. So I send him away with friends or family on the day I administer it just to be on the safe side.
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Its the permethrin in the Advantix that is dangerous for cats. Its used mostly to keep away ticks.
I think I'll give the Revolution a try and see how that works then.
Thank you guys so much.
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