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So what is on your New Year's Menu?

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I am making corned beef and cabbage, a favorite here and my corn and chili muffins (from scratch) what am I nuts? I would just order in a pizza, but hubby hates pizza! Isn't that un-American?

What are you guys going to fix?
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Fix? You mean I'm supposed to COOK???? LOL I think I'll just fix myself a drink.

Honestly, I have no idea. Tonight we are just going to eat something fast since I work and then I come home, get ready to go out and eat something before getting to the club around 6:30 (Earl is DJing tonight). Tomorrow we'll sleep half the day away so food won't be all that high of a priority.
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mmmmmmmm... pizza... hot, cheesy pizza...

oh! (wakes up and looks around)

Was I dreaming?

We are going to a get together where everyone brings finger foods. I love finger foods. Come to think of it -- I love food. Maybe there will even be pizza... zzzzz... pizza... mmmm...
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We're going out, for dinner, tonight. True to our Southern heritage, though, we're having black-eyed peas, tomorrow. I have them soaking, now.
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I am going to my friends Bar-b-que. let them do the cooking. LOL.
I hope everyone has a nice night, and wakes up tomorrow with out too much of a hang over.
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I think we are having chinese takeout tonight and tomorrow is schnitzel and I am making my famous nacho cheese dip for before dinner.
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I LOVE corned beef - I was practically raised on it! But no cabbage thou - ugh! Although I will only eat cabbage if it is fried.

I am just planning to cook chicken and potatoes au gratin, with corn and peas. Nothing special.

I will probably snack on corn chips with cheese dip (Im nuts for cheese dip and salsa!)
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My cats only fight about 1 thing: Shrimp.
Even if I give all 3 kitties 3 shrimps, one will inevitably claim them all. The fattest one, Stripe, of course.
So I have to buy a real big shrimp cocktail platter

-Sarah of Borg
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Something we don't have to cook or clean up after! Maybe Subway? (Gotta be healthy for the new year!) I'll take a family vote!
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I love the subway melt. Yummy!
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Tonight, left over home-made Boboli pizza (with feta and sun-dried tomatoes). Tomorrow, real authentic crab cakes from Maryland!! (Dad brought them up when he visited over Thanksgiving)

One question-the traditional New Year's meal here (in Ohio) is pork and saurkraut. My neighbor told me it's a traditional German meal, meant to bring good luck. Growing up, we always had pot roast. Does anyone else make this meal for New Year's day?
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LMAOOOOOOO!! We are in MI, but doing black-eyed, peas, too!!! BUT, we only could find them canned with BACON. This wasn't my fiance' wanted to do it.
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Just a reminder for the folks fixin blackeyed peas, you have to have the hogs jowl to go with it.
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WHat is the significance of black eyed beans on new years? My sister in law told me I should eat them, but Im not too eager.
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I think they are supposed to bring good luck.

I am making "Black Eyed Pea Chowder" tomorrow and is it good!
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I had a wonderful green salad with mandarin oranges and tomatos, with spicy chicken on top, and a nice sweet french dressing.

I also made some REALLY good guacamole to munch on!

For tomorrow? Pizza rolls!
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We went and got chinese food to go. They make a mean hot and spicy chicken that I just love. And the best thing, minimum clean up afterward. Tomorrow is corned beef and cabbage day
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I haven't decided what's on the menu for tomorrow yet.

Christy, My family does the pork and sauerkraut thing, too. I don't eat either, so I never go for New Year's dinner. My aunt always used to say you eat pork so you root ahead, don't eat chicken and scratch backward. There are a lot of German people around here, too, so I guess that's why pork and sauerkraut is so popular.
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I don't know why but, southerners eat black-eyed peas, on New Year's. I have leftover ham and the bone, to go in it.

American, by birth - Southern, by the grace of God!
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katl8e - thats what Jake says sometimes - he is proud to be a southerner.
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Well, New Year's Eve night round at my friend's house the menu was was haggis, neeps and tatties, and onion bridies. Plus enough champagne to fill the Cheddar Gorge.

New Year's day was water, more water, nurofen (ibruprofen), and a very weak cup of tea.
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