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Changing a Cat's Name

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I have always tried to keep an animals name when they are rehomed with me, but on occassion, I've changed it.

The cat I am adopting is now named Allie. I was thinking keeping it similar but changing it a little. I'm not a fan of the name Allie for this cat for some reason.

Maybe Callie, Elly or something similar? Sally would be cute.

My question is, should I even bother or will she take to a new name at 8years old. She hasn't been Ally forever. I don't know how long she's had that name, though.
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First off, congrats on your new adoptee! You must be so excited to welcome a new cat into your home

That said, I can assure you that in my many years in feline rescue I have changed many a name with no adverse effects. Cats are not like humans when it comes to name association. To a cat, her name is just "that word that those people say when they mean me." I sometimes wonder if they may even associate their old name with their old life, which is why I actually prefer to change the names of my adopted cats.

I don't think that your girl will have an issue with it, even at the age of eight (how wonderful of you to adopt an older lady, especially this time of year, when most adopters are seduced by the influx of kittens!). The best cat I ever had came into my life when she was 11 years old. Her previous owner had given her the name "Mewy," but I just couldn't stand for a cat so special to have such a generic name. Once it became apparent that she was in charge of me, I changed her name to Colonel. She was extremely food oriented, so every time I said her new name I would offer her a tiny piece of a treat. Within 48 hours, I could call her new name from any room of my house & she would come running! She learned not only her new name, but the many nicknames I bestowed upon her over the years.

I hope you have a wonderful time with the Cat-Formerly-Known-As-Allie. Please give her a congratulatory scratch behind the ears from me!
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We took our sons cat less than 2 months ago...his name was Aspen (which I did`nt really care for either)
We decided to name him Tawny because of his color.
At first we called him Tawny Aspen....then after a fews weeks just dropped the Aspen part and he is responding to Tawny just fine now.
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Nothing is wrong with name Allie, lol. Callie is cute.
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Originally Posted by Allie72 View Post
Nothing is wrong with name Allie, lol. Callie is cute.
LOL, not for some cats. But this one just doesn't seem like an Allie. Allie sounds more like a girly, playful name and she can be playful, but is more of a tomboy, apparantly. I don't know, I guess I just want to change it either way. This poor girl has switched homes due to one reason or another several times over the years. I just want her to know that this time it's really forever.
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If she doesn't respond to Allie then there's certainly no harm in changing it. I don't think it's best for a cat to have a name that doesn't seem to suit them! My boys both seem to like their names as they responded to them pretty much from the start without any encouragement
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My Alley wasn't girly or playful at all, but rather a formidable tyrant

However, if the name doesn't suit your kitty, then definitely change it. Its best for them to have a name that YOU are comfortable with, because they don't really care what you call them, just the tone of your voice.

Even at 8 years old, it shouldn't take her long at all to learn a new name, whether its a similar sounding one or not.

Congrats on your new girl
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My new to me 5 yr old guy came with the name Rascal. Oh, that so didn't fit him!! He's so handsome and regal, George seemed to fit perfectly. However, he doesn't respond to ANY name he's called (he's been here about 3.5 months). Oh well... Maybe someday!
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