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My Baby Starts School Next Week.. UGGH

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So I'm literally a mess about my topic...

My baby girl starts kindergarten next wednesday, and she's going to public school.. Because my husband isn't working so we can't afford tuition to send her to the private school.. But the public school is really good from what I hear..

I'm waking up freaking out about her going to school and just overall a mess about it.. I don't know why either.. She goes to daycare during the day,, isn't that the same...or not...

I need some encouragement... I really do.. School these days can be soo scary and it scares the begiebies out of me..
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This is your FIRST (or only ) child...right?
I know just how you feel!!!! I felt that same way the first time I put our oldest daughter on the school bus.....I walked back into the house and burst into tears!
The second child...another daughter, was easier, after seeing the first one come and go safely.....and when we got to the third one (our only son....who was extreemly bored and active, by the way) ....I literally PUSHED him onto the bus! (Sorry if that sounds like a "bad mom")
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Yes she is my first and only child.. I'm a definite mess.
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Originally Posted by stampit3d View Post
and when we got to the third one (our only son....who was extreemly bored and active, by the way) ....I literally PUSHED him onto the bus! (Sorry if that sounds like a "bad mom")

My youngest is starting Kindergarten the 21st and I cant wait!

He's been in daycare since he was 6 months old and then went to R'Club summer day summer camp but I'm still choked up about him starting REAL school. This means he's not a baby anymore!

But on the other hand, he's VERY active and I keep thinking "More power to the teacher who has to deal with him and make him sit down for that long of a time!"
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Aww!! I also dread this day, when my 3 y/o gets to start kindergarten.

I was a wreck when my son did, so I know I will be with my daughter as well.

I have basically stayed at home with her since she was I know its going to be very tough, on both of us!!

Many to you!!
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Aw, I have an only (who is nine now) and know exactly what you are going through. Our daughter had never even been to a daycare.

Did you get to do a tour of the school with her? See her classroom? Meet her teacher? That all helps with the separation, because you an visualize where she is and who is taking care of her. Is kindergarten just until noon? It was only 3 hours a day here and that wasn't bad.

Our daughter is also in public school, because after research, we realized that private school has a whole 'nother set of its own problems. In public school, she will make friends with kids from all walks of life which is a very good thing.

I kept reminding myself, "School is the best thing for her, and I want the best things for her." Teachers are very protective of their litte ones, and your daughter will be in good hands.

BTW, expect her to act up and pick some fights with you a week or two before school starts. This is how kids help separate themselves and put a little distance betweent the two of you. It helps them. (Evidently this happens again when they go to college!)

Relax. Your goal is to raise her to be an independent woman some day, and this is the first step. Congratulations!
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Oh I remember those days!!! I was so strong until my boys got on the bus and then I cried all the way home!

My oldest has now graduated and leading his own life. But my youngest is just entering high school!! That means my baby is not my baby anymore!

I told him I would cry his first day in high school and of course his father says heck no I'm going to be dancing!
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It's tough to let them go... but it's a great age. Learning how to read and spell... it's so adorable! Did she go to preschool? And is your kindergarten half a day? If it is it will be just like preschool for her.

Best of luck!
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My baby wil turn 21 in 2 weeks, so I've been through all of the stages. I also work in an elementary school, which gives me a broader perspective.

Focus on your goal - a well-adjusted, successful, happy child. Your child is going to take her cues from you, so it is critical that you deal with your issues first. It's okay to say "I will miss you," but follow it up with "I'm so happy you get to go to big girl school. You will meet some new kids and play lots of fun games. Remember to tell me all about your day." Don't do everything for your child - let her put her backpack in her locker, etc. You will love the proud smile on her face when she is successful. Give a quick hug and kiss and leave. Parents who drag out the goodbye actually make it harder on their children. Plan a special activity after the first day - playtime in the local park or an ice cream cone. Expect your child to be tired after school- it's normal.
Have your child in class on time. It is very traumatic for them to walk in class late and starts their day off on a bad foot - no matter what we say.
Have a regualr schedule for bedtime and start it a week before school - it's hard to change it the night before, they are ust too excited.

We have a mom who came to school everyday for lunch and fed her children - as in held the spoon to their mouths. She couldn't understand why her kids didn't have many friends. Duh! Lunchtime is mainly about social skills - and this mom was blocking out the others kids. And the other kids view her twins as babies who have to be fed - everyone "knows" that KN kids are too old to play with babies. We had to gently tell her to back off (and we were dealing with cultural issues too).

KN teachers are a special breed - they are awesome. They manage to reach out to each child and help them grow. I still remember my KN teacher with affection - and I saw her several times as an adult.

Watching the kids grow up is one of my favorite parts of my job - and being a parent.
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It all sounds soo good, and so on..

But I just know I'm gonna bawl and be a big mess.. She's been the preschool and the whole thing,, I'm just having a very emotional mess with this kindergarten thing.. It's real school with a real teacher and real grades, and the real start of her real school life.. She's still my baby...

Ohhhhh I'm soo pathetic!!!!!!!!!!
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