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Question of the Day - August 6th

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What was the last flavor of ice cream (or any frozen treat) you had?
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Tin Roof Sundae - we had a dish after supper last nite
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Welcome to the Dark Side.

Chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chunks. It was like a slice of heaven.
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Plain vanilla with chocolate fudge Magic Shell topping.
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I don`t remember for sure....but it had to be something chocolate with nuts and other goodies in it...and probably more choc on the top! (I mean, why would anyone want ice cream if chocolate was`nt involved?????)
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I stopped eating ice cream (going vegan) but last frozen treat I had was home-made, with frozen banana, frozen pineapple and a little bit of orange juice, all blended together.
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I had Butter Pecan just last night.
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I had a hot fudge sundae from MacDonald's
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I had some delicious vanilla ice cream on top of a hot apple dumpling at the fair
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I had a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream cone last night....
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A Mississippi Mud ice cream sandwich.
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The last flavor I had was Cranberry Bog - vanilla ice cream with cranberries, walnuts and dark chocolate chunks.
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delicious question!..

it was Cappuccino!
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Frozen banana covered with chocolate & nuts. Yum....
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A mint chocolate chip waffle cone
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I had a bananna cream pie shake from Sonic last week. I'm not much of an ice cream person, but those are soooo good!
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Unfortunately the DQ is very close, I had a Bananna Split last night ... I hope it doesnt become a habit.
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I don't really eat ice cream but my dad bought ice cream cake yesterday and I had that. It was vanilla and chocolate with oreo bits and caramel in the middle.
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I think it was a chocolate and vanilla twist icecream cone. Sometimes I just like the simple stuff.
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Strawberry minute maid icy!!
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I had a plain old ice cream bar... Chocolate shell on the outside and vanilla on the inside... Yummy!
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I have a tub of Ben and Jerrys Caramel Chew Chew beside me now and it's lush!!
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a triple chocolate supreme drumstick ice cream cone.
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Vanilla , dr says no chocolate
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OMG'sh I lied. I forgot the last ice cream treat I had was a drumstick... Yummy again!
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Ben & Jerry's half baked bar Mmmmm Brownie Chocolate and Cookie dough! What more could a girl ask for!
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Ben & Jerry's Lighten Up Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - had some of that last night... the rest is waiting for me in the freezer... mmmmm.
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I believe we have some ben and jerry's fans on here!
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Vanilla Ice cream... was at a birthday party yesterday... kinda boring!
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