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Felidae mislabeled can?

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I just bought a case of Felidae chicken and rice in broth in the 5.5 oz size. I had been buying the larger size cans until my pet store could get the smaller size in.

All four of my cats LOVE the chicken and rice. I had tried their other flavor before, the chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish. My cats will eat it, but they pick at it.

So I finally open the new cans last night. They look funny. They smell funny. So I open another can. It looks and smells the same. They don't smell like the food went bad or rancid, just different. And it looks different- dark, not pink like my previous cans of chicken and rice. Even Jack, who will eat anything seems unsure although he ends up picking at it. Charlie, who I keep on the chicken and rice because he has a sensitive stomach, doesn't really want to eat it.

I realized this morning that the food in the 5.5 oz "chicken and rice" cans look just like the chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish variety! I think that Felidae mislabeled them. I am going to dig out my receipt and take the unopened cans back to my pet store. But I also plan to call Felidae. I want them to take back the two opened cans and I want to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

Any one else ever experience this?
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It happened to me once. I can't remember the brand but what was in the can didn't look right and looked an awful lot lot another flavor, just like you said.
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I noticed the same thing with Felidae a while ago when I still fed it.
It used to be pate style, very pink and soft and spreadable kinda.

New cans I purchased are gritty and dark and no longer pate kind.

Not sure, but I stopped feeding the brand altogether.
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Have any of you called and to find out if this is an ongoing issue??
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I have called without a success and emailed without a reply.
My cats don't like Felidae brand much to begin with, so I will not be trying to contact them further.
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I called and spoke with Felidae customer service. The woman that I spoke with informed me that they recently switched canneries. The previous cannery produced the pate consistency chicken and rice variety that was very pink in color. The new cannery produces a much darker thicker chicken and rice variety. She assured me that it is the same food, just different cannery. I did inform her that my cats were not happy with with the new type of food. She did say that she had heard that a lot of cats were not liking the new "type" of chicken and rice and needed an adjustment period. But the company would reimburse any open cans that I was not happy with.

By the way, you can tell what cannery your can is from by the "best buy" date. Customer service can tell you by email but generally, if your cans are good for a long time (2012 or so) then they are probably from the new cannery.

My cats still aren't happy with the new style of the Felidae. Unfortunately I bought a whole case. But with 4 cats, I go through it pretty quickly. My pet store is checking to see if they can order Evolve food and if so, I'll switch to that since both kittens loved the turkey flavor kitten food.
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