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Pet Psychic?

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Just wondering what everyone thinks about the Pet Psychic show on Animal Planet. Do you think it's a joke or do you believe it's real? I've got mixed feelings about it...mainly because I want to believe that it's the truth, but yet I have a gut feeling is a hoax. What do you think?
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I dont know if she is the real deal or not, but I always wondered how animals actually think....I mean, I dont think they would actually think the same way us humans do. I would love to be able to actually know what Peedoodle is saying, but I wouldnt go as far as wasting my money on someone who claims this. SOme people may believe her, I would rather see for myself. Honestly, I really dont know what to think.
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My beliefs about the spirit world remind me that she's being led by a demon rather than any actual ability to see with a sixth sense.

Beyond that,I think it's a horrible show. It seems to me that she regurgitates [sic?] the same stuff every time she talks to someone, and she speaks in generalities--which anyone could come up with. It's a toying with emotions and I don't like that. I don't know why people subject themselves to it, but on a certain level I can see why. We all want happy endings and to know that all is well on the otherside of life. But the Pet Psychic isn't the one to provide those answers.

Frankly, I think the fact that Animal Planet presents it spoils the channel for me. Other than that show, it's a great channel to watch, and I am sure, great for children too.

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It reminds me of John Edward - he speaks in generalities too

'does someone have a family member who passed with the name that starts with 'R'?

'Oh! My fathers name was Ronald!'

...etc etc....

The hubby came home from a class one day and one of the teachers explained how they usually research the backgrounds of people in the audience before they go into the show.....makes you wonder...
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Suki knew you were going to post this thread
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Not a great believer in psychics and astrology. Seems a little wrong to toy with peoples lives like that.

I once read a forecast to someone who was a Pisces, she said everything that what I had said was so true. I then told her it was a Cancer forecast. I shouldn't have done it, but I was a little headstrong then.
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I'm not totally sure what I think of that specific lady. I mean she's even startled animals before. And who knows what parts they edited out because maybe she guessed wrong about something.

I know that most of the things she says are all things anyone who knows A LOT about all asepcts of animals, can come up with, with out having to be psychic.
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I had a psychic predict that I would be pregnant by the end of 2002 and I can guarentee that as of today I am not pregnant. I do strongly believe in some intuition and not necessarily full fledged psychics.
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I agree, its wrong to play with peoples lives like that.

I remember watching Sylvia Browne on tv one time and she was saying how it was going to be much more worse terrorism-wise and that terrorists will start attacking schools and gets scary for me when people talk like that.

I think I would rather trust my own instincts!
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I have a story about animal psychics- (I know, when don't I have a story? )

When my horse was 2 years old, he got really sick. He was misdiagnosed by a vet, and treated with medication he had a reaction to. He was getting sicker by the day, till I went toe-to-toe with this so-called vet and demanded he refer us to the local vet school. He reluctantly did.

He was taken in that afternoon. He was diagnosed with a gutteral pouch infection, he also had pasturella, beta strep, equine strep and pneumonia! He stayed in the horsepital for 2 weeks and when he got out he was very weak and feeling puny. His new vets (who are the best horse vets in the county) were treating him with all the best medicines, but he was still doing poorly.

I did not know what to do, and then a cyber friend told me about an animal communicator. So because I didn't have any other options, I called her and made a long distance appointment with her.She lives in another country and no, she doesn't make house calls.

I was skeptical to say the least, but she told me to call her back in 3 days. She asked me only four questions about my horse, and nothing about what was really wrong with him.

I called her back in three days at the alloted time, and she gave me a list of ingredients (mostly herbal) that she said Racer told her he "needed." I went to the local health store and talked to the owner who told me all these ingredients were to boost a weak immune system and nothing would hurt him, so I bought them.

I took all these pills home, and crushed them and was looking at all this stuff wondering how I would feed it to him. I mixed it in yogurt and gave it to him with his grain. He wouldn't touch any of it!

So I called her, fully expecting to bust her chops and told her that he wouldn't take this medicine, he supposedly asked for. I did not tell her anything else. She quietly told me to get back with her in a few hours and we hung up.

When I called back and asked her what she had for me, she told me that he hates yogurt! Now I did not tell her how I mixed it and there is no way she could of known how I did. And my horse who eats everything- will not to this day touch yogurt flavored, or plain.

So I re-crushed all the stuff and put this in applesauce and he gobbled it right down. In a week he was stronger and active and had stopped coughing, and snotting.

I think like everything else there are fakes and there are the real things. I was lucky to find the real thing. But that lady on television, the animal psychic? I don't believe in her for one second. I think because she looks good on television, she can sell anything.
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by magicians and other people who do it professionally (and are honest about it). I think the pet psychic is on the same level with John Edwards, (albiet probably a little less damaging). And it's a mixture of guessing and psycology. Ever noticed how fast a 'psychic' will talk? "I'm seeing a JakeJoeJohnJohnnyJosephJack..." until the mark reacts either verbally or with body language.

My husband used to be an amatuer magician and actually knows how to do this. It's really not that hard. What distinguishes a good magician or 'good' psychic is not nesessarily the originality of the act, but how well the act is performed. John Edwards is VERY good, and so is the pet psychic, I firmly believe that that's all it is though... and act.

Now all we need is the Amazing Randy to debunk them.

I do believe in miracles, and that it may be possible for someone to have a sixth sense. These guys don't meet the criteria I have come to believe in (100% proven acuracy). WAY too many edits, and they have the distinctive phrase I'm seeing and R could it be....
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I personally don't like the Pet Psychic. I think its a hoax. Thats not to say I don't believe in intuition, or even in fortune telling, but she seems too fake to me.

My mother had a reading done once by a well known card reader in Boston. She was right on, and with stuff she would have no way of knowing. She wasn't at all like John Edwards, she doesnt' rattle off names or letters or whatever......she just says what she has to. You can tape record it if you want because she doesn't repeat herself.

Anyway, thats just my .02
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After having my 5th child and getting my tubes tied I had a friend tell me he could see a child I had yet to have. It was a boy and I was going to have this child. Now 7 years later I have a 4 year old son. HOW did he know this?
We used to do all kind of tests to try to disprove him. He was always right on in everything he told us.
So, I believe...

BTW his name IS Randy...
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If someone told me that I was going to have a 5th child, I'd shoot either them or myself! Seriously, though, I am a hard-headed realist and need incontrovertible evidence, before I accept something.

I've watched the Amazing Randi's debunking and I think he's great! Some years ago, he got a MacArthur Foundation "Genius" grant, for his debunking of faith healers and psychic surgeons. A faith healer, actually, put out a contract on Randi.
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Who is the Amazing Randy?

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Sylvia Browne is the only psychic I believe in, only because she's helped the police find missing persons and such. I watched her once and she said she can tell how close a person is to their death, no matter how young, by how long their faces appeared to her. But you can't just go up to someone and say, "Hey, you don't know me, but you're going to die soon, be careful" You'd be put in a nuthouse!. I think she's got a real sence of humour and is, herself, quite realistic. Again, she's the only one my gut has believed in.
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I like Sylvia Browne, too. She doesn't care if anyone believes her, and says her talent is a gift from God. She has been right about a lot of things, particularly in predicting new medical treatments. Her website is very interesting, and has a suggested reading list with some very good books on it.
The Amazing Randy is a guy that debunks psychics, and magicians. In particular, he exposed Uri Geller a few years back. Geller was the guy who bent forks with his mind, and other ridiculous stuff. Randy offers a million dollar reward to anyone that can prove for certain that they are psychic, or can actually communicate with the dead. It has been quite a few years, and he still has his million.
I am skeptical about most people that say they are psychic, but there are some things that just cannot be explained. I can't figure out why, but some people I can tell them what they are thinking. I met my daughter at the hospital once when she had an accident, and no one had called me. I just had something almost physically pulling me into my car. My s/o stepped out on me once in the very beginning, and I went right to where he was, even though I had never been there before. It is very unnerving.
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I got to watch the Pet Psychic while I was visiting Dad, and I was underwhelmed. Every person got the same reading-they love you, they love attention, they love food...

I'm not entirely sure that there are not pet psychics out there, however. A friend of mine was at a local dog show (without her dogs, by the way). There was a pet psychic, whose proceeds were going to charity, so she went for a reading.

The woman actually picked up a lot about one of her dogs. The psychic knew nothing about them, or what breed they were, but described the younger one to a T. Also, she talked about how the dog loved their old house (a custom-built log cabin), especially the great room with a very high ceiling and a large porch very high off the ground (which was true). Finally, she told my friend how the dog preferred a red collar over a blue one. My friend's dog never liked the blue collar, but accepted the red one. This freaked out my friend, and gave me shivers when she told me about it.

ps-I believe that all of us have a small measure of the sixth sense, or psychic ability. One morning, I woke up after a horrible dream that my grandmother had died. Although she was older, I had no reason to think that she would die. My boyfriend at the time spent a good amount of time trying to calm me down. Later that day, my Dad called to say that Grammy had died.
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I found her show interesting at first, but she got to repeating herself too much.

I do think her ideas about letting a pet know when there is going to be a change in their circumstances is a good idea.
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I agree with everyone else here, the Pet Psychic is a fake. The part of the program that I think is the absolute worst is when she talks to grieving owners. When she "communicates" with deceased pets she keeps telling different people the same thing.

The pet is always very grateful for the difficult decision the owner had to make when the pet was suffering.

The pet is still around and still continuing to enjoy all the things it did in life, except now it can't be seen.

The deceased pet promises that it will come back into the owner's life in a different form some day, but the pet psychic really can't say when this will happen.

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The Pet Psychic ues the same tricks fake psychics have been using to fool people for years. While I do believe in psychics, I don't pretend to know how to explain what they d. I don't believe they should be looked to as oracles by lazy and desperate people.
Animals, whether we want to believe it or not, do not think like humans. They can't; they don't have as advanced or powerful a brain. This Pet Psychic lady is ridiculous.

By the way . . . did I read right? Someone says Pet Psychic drawing power from demonic forces?

Many of the Biblical prophets possessed what Christians believe were powers of augury (they saw the future). They foretold the birth of Christ, interpeted dreams, and drew power from god. Even Jesus performed these feats to some extent. I don't think psychics are conjuring demons . . I just think some of them are tricking people because they're jerks.
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I watched the Pet Psychic once. I think she's full of you know what. And John what's his name, too. I watch those shows, and all I can think is infomercial. They're scamming the audience just like those people who sell exercise in a bottle, etc.

I have a set of tarot cards. I was learning to read them a few years ago, I did some readings for friends. It was freaky how the cards they picked really matched their situations at the time.
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There has to be some reason why Tarot cards tend to hit their mark from time to time.
All I can assume is that their accuracy is due to the human tendency to make connections. We humans like to put things together. We will even tie unrelated events together if they have or seem to have a common element.
For instance: you give away a bike to charity. The next week, you win a bike in a raffle. The two events are wolly unrelated, but many people would connect them because of the common elemnt of the bike.
This is probably why Tarot cards work. Also, Tarot and fake psychics tend to use broad generalizations to trick people.

Psychic: "I'm getting an M name . . . Mat, Mick, Mike . . ."

Victim: "No . . ."

Psychic "Well, there's someone with an M sound in their name. Like Matt or Mary . . . maybe Tim or Tom . . ."

Victim: "My counsin's name is Tom!"

This technique is called "cold reading." It's tough to spot because humans like to think about themselves. We have some trouble seeing things from other points of view. Plus, we aren't very good at figuring odds or detecting deceit. Psychics have bees using this cold reading technique for 100s of years.

Of course, who knows? Maybe there is something to Tarot cards.
I believe in psychics, but I don't believe in true prescience. I don' thnk a psychic will ever say, "Tomorrow, Bob Denver, wearing loose-fitting pants and a New York Dolls shirt, will kill you on the crosstown bus." This is because prescience is never so reliable. Psychics seem to get flashes of information that are jumbled up.
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Personally, I use Tarot cards, but not as a psychic tool. Rather, I use them as a tool to get at my deep-buried, or subsconcious, feelings. If you look at any manual describing the card's meanings, they can be wide-ranging and awfully vague. When I am unsure of what my feelings are about something (i.e. how do I feel about this relationship? this job?) I can find something in the vague meanings that feels right. It helps me define what I'm not consciously aware of feeling.
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Orginally posted by Thirtysilver
Animals, whether we want to believe it or not, do not think like humans. They can't; they don't have as advanced or powerful a brain
I agree that an animal isn't capable of the kind of thought process that a human has. However, I have read in a couple of different publications about cats that it is possible to communicate telepathically with an animal. According to what I have read, this is done by forming a mental picture and projecting it to the animal. The animal would receive the picture and then send back a different image.

I have never tried to do this and I don't know how accurate this information is. It's just something that I have read about in the past.
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I don't want to believe in the pet-telepathy idea, but I can't say that it's impossible.
Humans form well defined mental pictures. We're good at imagining because we have powerful brains. But my cat does not have a human brain, so the pictures he forms in his head will not be as well-defined as mine. We have a good knowldge of spatial relationships, plus we tend to think in language. Cats do not understand spatial relationships very well, and they cannot comprehend human language. I think trying to send a mental image to my cat would be like trying to plug a 200 watt amp into a 50 watt outlet. I am smart. Not only that, I am sentient. I think animal brains may be too primitive to accept the telepathic transmissions of human awareness.

I tend to be a realist. While I believe in psychics and other such weird phenomena, I try to live my life on my own steam. If I need a question answered, I use logic to devise the best way to answer it. I don't rely on talismans or superstition to get in touch with my feelings.
It is my opinion that humans have enormous problem solving potential -potential that is largely untapped even []within[/i] the usable regions of our brains. The problem is, we're lazy. We can solve problems ourselves, but we don't want to. We want god or the Pet Psychic or some other outside force to take care of us so we can be spared the effort of expending any mental energy.
I don't claim to be some kind of intellectual superman; I'm just as guilty as anyone else of preferring a simple and obvious solution over a difficult and wholly "un-magical" one. I just think that people in this country are too quick to say, "I can't" or "That's mpossible."
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