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Long Traveling.

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Hi guys,

I am about to go visit family this weekend and as our new kittens are still quite young we dont want to leave them alone all weekend.

We have made the decision to take them with us though the journey is around 5-6hrs long. currently we have a cat carrier that both fit into and they happily sleep in that everynight this measures around 57 x 38 x 38 cm. I think this is going to be way too small for such a long journey and think something that i could also fit a small litter box in would be beneficial for the journey.

I am currently looking at something like the one in the below link

and going for either the Medium or Large cage. (dpeending on the allowable height of car.

Is something like the above suitalbe for a long journey ? which would even last once they are fully grown.

The cheaper alternative is to buy a second cat carrier so they can have one each but that would leave no room for their toilet breaks.

Any advise welcomed and thanks in advance.

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How old are the kittens? And how hot will it be? I had to take 2 1/2 month old kittens with us when we went to WV (my ex's parents) - they don't have AC in the house, only fans. We brought the tokeyo cage with us to set up. I had a fan on the kittens because it was so hot in the house. Wound up losing one of the kits from the heat.

Never again would I take that young of kittens on a trip. I'd stay home before doing that again.

If your kittens will be in AC you should be fine - just keep them confined in one room for their safety. That cage should be fine for your kittens
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The kittens are coming up to 11 weeks this thursday. I dont think heat would be too much of an issue here in the UK - There currently loving the little bit of sunshine were having to sleep in the sun. I will be travelling at night and do have A/C in there if it does get hot. They will also have a very big space to run around in upon arrival which will be quite cool.

I am more concerned with any effect a 5hr journey might have on the kittens being locked up for such a length of time. Such as them going to the toilet, feeding etc.

I am assuming things should be ok as animals are tkaen on long flights etc but this is our first long journey with them and just wanting to make sure they stay safe.

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Am assuming you will be stopping for potty breaks and eating - so when you stop for eating, then give the kittens the litter pan, some water and a little bit of food.

Make sure you have plenty of paper towels to clean up any messes (and a plastic bag or two).
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