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What food do you use and WHY:)

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Yes I am sure this has been covered but I feel the need to start it again ...

THIS is NOT a DEBATE .... It is not a Please see my view but merely a informative thread for someone to come and see who feeds what and why

Zoey eat s Natural choice kitten and Orijen... Why ... Because both foods fall into MY list of what I will feed ... MOST important she likes them both and DOES well...Neither food bothers her mild and few food allergies / intolerances...

Neither food has animal by products , ground corn , chemical preservatives , artificial colors or flavors

Those are the DRY s she eats ... I feed her any wet shell eat : she likes Wellness , Nutro Natural choice , Meow mix and By organics ...
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I feed all my cats primarily grain and fish free formulas of canned Wellness (3 flavors) and Natural Balance (2 flavors). I prefer grain free because I don't believe cats need the carbohydrates in their diet. This is particularly important for my pre-diabetic boy, Eric. Fish free is important because both Kolohe and Eric have a history of crystals so reducing the magnesium in their diets is a priority. Fortunately they all like these five flavors. For variety I occasionally feed Natural Balance Turkey and Giblets or Ultra.

I recently added Pet Promise chicken formula to the list. They all like it and another food adds variety and reduces food boredom. Pet Promise does contain brown rice and potato so Eric doesn't eat it.
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I feed Saedie Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul. It is reasonably priced and she loves it.

As for canned food, she isn't very picky so she eats some of everything.

For Millie, I feed her Chicken Soup adult formula. She isn't picky with wet food either so she gets some of everything.
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I feed Ryan a low carb diet.. no dry food.. because he is a diabetic.
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I feed my cats Wellness canned, they like it, coats are shiny and whiskers are strong and long. And I like the inredients-something I would eat myself.

For dry (just for treats only) California Natural - only one cat eats it, the 9.5 year old does not eat it, she does not like dry food anymore. Fine with me, she is older and I've read on this forum that dry for older cats does not go well.

And they both get human tuna twice a week to cut costs.

ETA: My new holistic vet recommended Wellness canned only for cats and Wellness was recommended on this site. I cheat and give my one cat dry.
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I buy dry food from the Vet. Waltham w/d Feline. It's the only food Abby will eat.

Chynna is not picky. So she eats that and gets 1/2 a small can of Friskies each evening. Sometimes Abby will take a few licks if I put out a teaspoon for her, but she doesn't actually eat it, only licks it and then "buries it.
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Lets see. Our normal wet is Eagle Pack. Ping really likes it but the new guy hasn't had any yet. 3 things drew me to Eagle Pack wet ingredients, flavor and price. It fit my criteria for a good wet food so wet for it. But because of my health issues and therefore money issues I have been giving the cats either Natural Life Pet Products wet or Meow Mix wet (market selects). For a lower price food I do like the ingredients in them and the cats like it.

I do feed dry as well. Dry is given between wet feedings and overnight. I chose Timber Wolf Organics Serengeti for a few reasons. One being that it was a grain free dry food. Second comes availability. I can buy this directly from the company and not get charged to much (actually nothing) for delivery. And last but not least price. I can get a 16.5lb bag for 33.60 and get charged no shipping. And that size bag goes a long way. And both cats love it and do great on it.
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Demetri eats homemade raw, tinned Eagle Pack Holistic and a tiny bit of dry Eagle Pack Holistic . All picked because I like the ingredients.
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California Natural dry because it helps Kingston's tummy even though I think he might have gotten over his problem. I want to try Felidae but I am waiting a bit since I did a lot of switching since the big recall.

Friskies for canned because it is cheap and my cats like it and I have had no problems feeding it. I feel by-products are an important part of a cats diet and I have no problem feeding them to my cats.
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I feed Chicken Soup because it is the best food at a low price, and when feeding 12 cats, that is a factor I'm very very pleased with it and even if I could afford it I really don't think I'd feed them a more expensive food, their coat quality is fantastic and everyone loves it.

For wet, I feed the Meow Mix because the little stinkers won't eat anything else It's decent quality so I'm not complaining
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Riley eats California Natural chicken & rice dry. It was recommended by a lot of you on here, and he likes it and has no problems, so I will probably keep him on it indefinitely unless he gets bored of it or something in the future.

Wet, he eats Merrick (turducken, chicken pot pie, and southern delight). He will occasionally eat a few bites of other brands wet, but Merricks is the only one he eats consistently each day. The southern delight is the only one with any fish in it and he gets it once or twice a week.

For treats he gets greenies and wildside salmon, but not every day, and anytime we have dinner with chicken, he gets a bite of that
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We feed ours PURINA ONE.
It came recommended to me by a guy here on TCS who raises Bengals. He normally feeds raw to his cats, but if they won`t it , he said that PURINA ONE is a good alternative.
All 3 of our cats do very well on it. They are healthy , active and their fur is soft and shiny. (We`ve only had the #3 cat for just under 2 months and we see a HUGE difference in him since he has been on it)
I`m sure there are several really good cat foods out there, but we have been satisfied with with what we are doing....I don`t have a problem getting it and it is reasonably priced. (Under $5 for a 3 1/2 pound bag, and under $9 for a 7 pound....at Walmart....we live in Michigan)
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For dry food the guys are back on Nutro Max dry. I bought a bag of Adult formula last, but the next is going to be Senior. Mostly I went back to it because I know the guys love it. It's also a good price and regularly on sale.

For wet they get Friskies, Fancy Feast and Meow Mix. I don't really have a choice, that is all they will eat. And I'm not throwing anymore money away. We donated some very expensive foods that they wouldn't eat around the time of the recalls.
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Severino and Joey and Lucia eat Natural Balance Wet and Evangers wet.

Sophia eats Solid gold Tuna wet.

They all eat Innova Dry and Now Acana Dry (Which is similar to Orijen)

I mostly feed all of this because of Sharky's recommendations
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One is completely on homemade raw, and will not, no matter the circumstances eat any other food, commercially or otherwise prepared food.. not wet, not premade raws, not dry, not human food.. nothing. It's raw or bust. That's *one* of the major reasons why I feed him raw..

I am attempting to get my fur housemates on an all raw or failing that, raw and wet food mixed diet. Currently the rest of the crew is eating a raw mix with wet food in it to encourage them to eat it. They also get a supplement with Evo dry.

I feed a raw diet (or diets based on the theory) because I believe it makes sense. I also don't like some of the things that go into normal commercial cat foods. It's also (usually) cheaper, if you find sales and shop right. Considering the recent recall, I'm really glad I've made the raw diet choice.

Some of the wets that I mix in... Wellness, Meow Mix (their favorite), Evo, and Sheeba. They also get a dietary supplement.

I have used other brands of commercial (raw diet is only a recent event for me). Noel swears by Meow Mix dry (or did and was always healthy on it, but does even better on the current diet). I've fed Royal Canin skin and coat, which is now skincare 30 or something, I think...(which they did well on), and a number of others, but I liked Royal Canin pretty well. They all love Evo.
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I feed the following foods based on a bunch of research and at the suggestion of my vet (holistic and traditional).

I feel most mass produced easily available cat foods poorly meet what cats should be getting and are not good to feed (based on my research of what is really in pet food, you should pick up the book Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food." By Ann N. Martin or Dr. Pitcairn's book natural health for cats and dogs - both GREAT books filled with loads of common sense).

Processed cat foods have not been around all that long when you really think about it and pets thrived just fine without them, and health problems are very great in today's society, where UTI's are seen as common in cats Other countries such as Sweden and in the Netherlands and like still feed the natural way, fresh whole meats to their pets. At least dogs.

a very small example: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/

None of the foods I feed have by-products, artifical flavors, or fake ingredients to my knowledge. I stay away from all grocery store or chain store brands.

Dry - EVO by Innova, Chicken Soup, Home Made (real meat I buy at the grocery store)

Canned - Eagle Pack, Merrick, Chicken Soup, EVO, all Innova Foods, Timberwolf, Evangers, Solid Gold, Wellness, Felidae, Nature's Variety Prairie, and like high quality
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My kitties eat Iams Multicat (chicken). They have shiny coats, they are full of energy, I think it is great stuff
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My adult cat eats Wellness dry and will eat a bite here and there of various canned foods but I have yet to find a canned food that she'll really eat much of.

My kitten eats Wellness kitten dry and Nutro Max kitten canned. She mostly eats the canned with just some dry here and there as a snack.

Wellness? Because that is what the breeder of my kitten recommended.
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A month ago I switched to Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix Adult Feline and they love it! The first time I brought it home, they knew something in the bag was for them. Cairo tore a hole in the bag while I was unloading other things. I don't think I had seen it before, so I think it is new.

For wet food I feed Natural Balance Chicken and Liver cans. Before I switched to the Natural Ultramix dry food, their evening wet feeding was a huge deal, and if I dared skip a night, they would not be happy. Now they like it, but they don't even beg for it every night, so I've switched to wet food only every other night.
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Nature's Variety Raw Instinct.

I chose this food because my dogs have been eating the same brand (though dog version of course!) and thriving on it: more energy, healthier coats, and they love it!
The only downside I can find is the cost, a 4.4 lb bag is $13.49
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Roxie eats Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor dry and Nutro Max & Natural choice wet. I chose it after some information on this site and couldn't be happier. The cost is reasonable and a lot of times it is on sale and there are lots of great coupons (Right now Petco has a coupon for $15 back on what I believe is a 20lb bag).

Roxie loves it and is doing great on it! She is trimming down nicely and her coat has never been softer! Everyone that comes over always asks how we get her fur so soft! It's good stuff
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They are both on Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor dry and Nutro Max & Natural choice wet. I have been giving some Science Diet canned too because of shortages from a supplier at the local pet stores. I do not feed any fish. Summer has had many UTI issues, and all these have the recommended magnesium levels.
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The cats get raw, wet, and occasionally dry. We use Nature's Variety frozen raw- chicken+turkey, rabbit, & venison. For wet we rotate between Wellness (grain free ones), Eagle Pack, Chicken Soup, & Natural Choice Ultra Formula. It would've been a longer list but the 'cat' cabinet can only store so many at one time lol. The only dry they get is Nutro Indoor.

Besides raw, all these product came highly recommended from this site & others after some research. I'm a firm believer in prevention, therefore I try to feed them better food if budget allows. Also feeding mostly wet and raw I never have to worry whether the cats are drinking enough water.
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My cats eat canned Purina ProPlan. They seem to be doing well on it, but I would really prefer to switch them to a food with less grain and higher-quality ingredients. That's easier said than done, though. Tailer and Harvey are both very, very picky eaters and I haven't been able to find another one that they'll eat consistently. I'd like to at least get them on a rotation of foods with some higher quality brands included. I've had some luck lately getting them to eat some Wellness and Innova Evo, so I'm hopeful that we can eventually get them on something a bit better.

The ProPlan Urinary Formula is what my vet recommended for Forest because he's had a mild problem with urine crystals in the past. (Though it was while he was on one of the foods that was eventually recalled, so I wonder whether there was a connection there.) I'm planning to talk to my vet about it again at our next checkup. He'll eat anything...then throw it all up. Even small dietary changes can make him throw up so any changes need to be made very, very slowly.
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We use Nutro (called Max Cat here), mainly canned but also some dry. Reason is because it's Sharky-recommended.

I get a few cans of other brands for variety since our weird kitties get bored with their food. Those include Go! by Petcurean, Science Diet, and Nutrience.
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I was originally feeding mine Iams, but the high levels of salt in Iams was basically killing two of my babies. It was messing with their liver and kidneys and all sorts of problems. Vet said get them off that crap! So I switched to Chicken Soup, Authority (until just recently I stopped feeding that), and Premium Edge.

now they mainly eat Premium Edge because i like it, they have very nice skin and coats. For wet, they will occasionally eat Whiskas wet because I got about 300 free cans of it! Yay!
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Right now ........Life's Abundance, Innova Evo and Purina ..... and Sheba premium ....... Im trying to find another wet they will eat. And I follow Sharky's advice, too. (Except for the Purina)
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Jaffa eats all wet food and mostly good quality brands with a high meat content and no nasties. Main brands I feed him are animonda carny, bozita, applaws, almo nature, natures menu, hi life and cosma. He does have felix and perfect fit senior pouches now and again as he ate felix for the first 8 years of his life and likes it, and because they do a senior version. I feed him all wet because he's 10 years old and although his kidney function is ok, his values are towards the high end of normal. He's not a big drinker so I feed all wet with a bit of water added to make sure he gets enough water.

Mosi has pretty much the same except he has a smaller portion of wet with a bit of dry sprinkled on top. The dry is either orijen or James Wellbeloved. Because he's not 2 yet I feel he's ok with a small amount of dry and it helps to keep costs down.
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My girls were eating science diet, and then I changed them because I heard it's not as good as the vets say it is..

So now they are on meow mix dry... and Fancy Feast Wet Food,, with the occasional meow mix wet, and sheba wet..

We really can only buy from Krogers, and I refuse to buy Iams because of there testing practices.
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Originally Posted by angelkitty View Post

My girls were eating science diet, and then I changed them because I heard it's not as good as the vets say it is..

So now they are on meow mix dry... and Fancy Feast Wet Food,, with the occasional meow mix wet, and sheba wet..

We really can only buy from Krogers, and I refuse to buy Iams because of there testing practices.
if you can only buy from the grocery store, i recommend Purina One, it's a far sight better than Meow Mix dry Meow Mix wet is decent as is Sheba wet
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