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Question about shelters

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ok, this question is about adopting a dog but I could'nt find the right forums for it, I hope it is ok that I ask here, I would like to adopt a dog and there is a website to a shelter that is about 6 miles from my house, the website shows photos of the dogs and tells about their personality, I have looked through it and decided which one I want, the problem is I have a fear of riding in vehichels, I live in town and usualy walk or ride bike where ever I need to go, to get to the shelter you have to go a few miles down the highway, so I can't bike there and I checked and there is no backroads there, do shelters ever make arangements to bring an animal to a person? I could meet them at the gas station 1 block from the highway.
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They might, however, you really should visit the dogs in person. When we adopted Bunny, we went to the shelter intending to get a different cat. Bunny actually ranked 3 on our list, based upon what the foster family said about the cats' personalities. Once we were there, she was obviously number 1.

I've had the same experience with dogs. We've never adopted the dog we were going to see. Once we visited, there was something wrong with the dog we intended to get, but there was another dog that was perfect, even though it didn't sound like it on paper.

(BTW, if you're afraid of riding in vehicles, you also should consider how you will take the dog to the vet when it's sick. You'll need to look into vets early so that you can find a good one that's close. You might also consider a small dog, so that way if it's sick, you can put him in a bike basket to take him in.)
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The vet is 1/2 to 3/4ths of a mile from my home, I could walk there if needed.
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maybe call and ask to speak to the shelter manager. Then explain the circumstances. Make sure to say that your vet is 1/2-3/4 a mile away only, if the dog is small enough to fit into a bike basket, mention that too. Just say you would like this to work out but you aren't sure if it can. See what they say. Just be honest.
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I would really recommend visiting the dog BEFORE making your final decision... even if it is going out of your way a bit. It's really hard to pick an animal over the internet without really seeing the dogs personality!

Other than that, I would agree with everyone else- call up the manager! I'm sure they will think something up to help you out.

Good luck!

(I'll be waiting to see pics!)
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