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Our Daily Thread for Monday May 7th

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Ahh, Monday again. the never ending cycle. I just know this is going to be a good week!

I know some of you are excited because tonight is Ally McBeal!

Nothing going on here, just the same old grind.

everyone have a wonderful monday
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Hi AP!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It was beautiful here in Connecticut, cool and breezy with no humidity. Unfortunately Monday is here so it's back to the same old stuff. Have a nice day everyone! AP I'll try and IM you tonight from work.
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I'll be here on IM all day! probably until 8pm or so tonight. hit me up. I sent those cds out today.

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good morning, everyone

it feels like a good start to the week today,
it's amazing how much i used to dread Mondays
and how i look forward to them now

hope everyone has a good day, and week

are you guys talking about C.D.'s you bought one another,
or made for one another? because i had an idea that we
could all make C.D.'s/tapes, and send them out to each
other, like a music exchange! :clown:

(goes to get morning coffee)
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Happy or not so happy Monday all. Yes, it is breezy in CT. I think its a bit to chilly for me though. I had to put a long sleve shirt on!! Other than work being stressful right now everything is going great! I am just going to relax tonight and go to bed early.
A CD exchange sounds pretty good. At least for people with access to a burner. I am a music FREAK. I have a list of CD's I want that I gave to hubby for a mothers day list. Right now theres a new song out by Sheila Soleil and I keep checking the stores and NOTHING!!! I know I have quite a collection I could share
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Happy Monday of Mothers' Day Week, to you all. Nothing much to report from MO. It is cloudy and gloomy. I found blinc's Site and now there are two sites I am hooked on. . . . . . .
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email me with your address and I will send you Stella Soleil (kiss kiss). there's nothing in stores yet but I have the single. ccc@aircompetition.com

Blue, Donna & I were talking & she was telling me how much she likes Sarah Mclachlin & I happen to have a couple of her cds lying around so I'm going to send them to her. we have a cd burner here at the office but I don't know how to use it. I wish I did.

what is the addy for blincs site?

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i've been listening to Sarah McLaughlin since i was 15?

i still love the music, though i dont listen to it as much
these days.

i would love to share my music, making tapes/c.d.'s is an
art! (in my opinion!!) i used to do it all the time
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It's 80 degrees here in Portland, Yahoo... so warm and beautiful. I hope the weather will stay nice for my birthday. I'm gonna be 25. Yikes.. time goes by so fast

This CD thing sounds fun. Can anyone participate?
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i can!

and hey, for those without a c.d. burner, send tapes!

Shannon, what day is your birthday? mine is coming up soon
too, less then a month
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Hey Blue,

My b-day is on mother's Day. May 13th.
This is the first year in a very long
time where we have shared the day. I love
my mom, so it's good with me!

I am a Tauras! In case you were wondering..
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i just wanted to tell everyone how cute all my kittens are.

For those that missed it in Saturday's daily thread, Saturday morning my Blackie gave birth to 4 babies. Three are all black and 1 is blue with a white face and cream spot on the back.

If it's true about black cats being bad luck, then dark days are coming now that I have four!

My 3 other kitties are now 7 weeks old and are romping all over. They are so much fun to watch! They look huge compared to the new kitties.

That's my kitty update for this week and I'll be sure to get pics of the new babies as soon as I can!
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hi and goodnight!

This moving thing needs to end soon, because I just can't squeeze everything into each day!

Tonight I second-coated my bathroom-to-be. That's one room done.

Tomorrow we are taking our 5th graders canoeing as an end-of-the-year field trip. I should be completely exhausted by the time that's over.

See everybody tomorrow!
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