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Cat loosing weight - worried

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Hi I have a cat, Shadow, that is 1 1/2, he is a domestic longhaired cat that i have had since a kitten. Lately i have noticed that he is getting very skinny, i thought he was eating fine but when i tried to feed him today he ate a whiskers satchet and only sniffed the dry food but did not eat any. i think my kitten has been eating the food for the both of them as she is getting fat. Shadow is not a very playful cat or very active inside so hard to tell if he is sick or not as he has always been very aloof and not interested in toys. Please can someone help with ideas as to why he is loosing weight?
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ANY wt lose in a cat SHOULD CALL for a VET check ...
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I think the best thing to do is take your cat to the vet for some blood work. My cat started to get very skinny several years ago. The vet hypothesized that he suffered from some sort of thyroid problem. However, weight loss can signify any condition and should be evaluated by a vet.

As for my cat, his blood work fortunately failed to detect any diseases. The doctor concluded his weight loss was an anxiety reaction to having a new cat in the household. She came to this conclusion after ruling out other diseases.

Good luck and keep us updated!
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Please take Shadow to the vet. He shouldn't lose weight like that and may have a serious problem. Please get him checked out and let us know what you find out.
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I also would get him to the vet right away. If they don`t find anything wrong with him, then you might try seperate feeding arrangements for him and the kitten.
I hope all will be well!
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Im going to book him in for a vet check for monday morning if i can get an appoinment. thanks
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