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Stumpy has a temper!

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We bought a baby car seat on Friday night, so have the huge box it came in in the lounge room for the kitties to play in.

Tonight Stumpy went to jump up on the box, but jumped onto the flap that was sticking out straight, and of course the flap just collapsed down and Stumpy landed on her butt.

DH and I had a good laugh at her, and she looked at us, then went behind the tv and started chewing on the cables!!! We couldn't believe it - she was "teaching us a lesson"!

Funny thing...

What's funnier is that a little later she was sitting on the box, and Smudge was on the ground and they were batting at each other, and Stumpy leaned to the side as Smudge put her paws on the same side of the box which caused the box to fall over on it's side and sent Stumpy falling on her butt again

We laughed again, but made sure she didn't go behind the TV again...
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How dare you laugh at her temporary loss of dignity! Silly girl!
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haha! That's too sweet! It's impossible to be angry with them when they show such cuteness when they are in "get you back" mode
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Don't you understand, she was giving you the "never speak of this again because it didn't happen" look???
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That`s funny!
Mine will give me an indignite look if I laugh at them in such a circumstance too....it`s amazing how "they know" what our laughter means when it`s at their expense.
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poor Stumpy, everyone's out to get her

My gaia has a temper too, one morning I woke up late so I hopped right in the shower and didn't give her her morning pets- well, she decided to retaliate by almost dropping my gold earring down the sink!! little brat!
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too funny!!!!
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