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For those of you...

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For those of you that have both dogs and cats How do you feed them both...Any time I give my cats their food they dogs run over and it ALL of it Regardless of whether or not they have just ate...I am looking for suggestions/ideas on how best to feed everyone their fair share!
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I know what u are talking bout our one dog coca just lives to eat the cat food But this is what we do, there is always dry food up on the breakfast knoock thingy sorry i dont know how to spell it And theres also food in my room for the kits, and when I do feed them wet I just shut the door so cocoa cant eat it, and when its on the knoock I make sure its pushed far enough back that when cocoa tries to get it he cant! He seems not to like the dry food any more thank goodness He just eats the wet food and the litter But that is what we do to make sure the kits all get their wet food meals
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Are dogs are trained not to go into the cat room, where the kitties eat.
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My kitties know when I trill and say "come onnnnnnn kitttiesssssss!" they are all supposed to follow me and run into the bathroom for food. I put Em and Chil in crates or on the countertop (aka: away from Tom) and Tom on the floor with his, and let them eat. When they are done eating I take bowls away and let everyone out.

Middie gets fed in his crate and is not allowed in the cat bathroom.
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My Mom feeds the cats on the cat tree now, but she also has used one room of the house that the dogs weren't allowed in. All she used as a barrier was the ironing board laid on it's side and they wouldn't go in. She also kept the litter box in that room so they wouldn't help themselves to 'kitty cookies!'
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I feed my kittie on the coffee table (don't tell my hubby) my dog is a toy pom and she gets really sick from cat food
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I free feed my cats on top of the utility room countertop and a vanity countertop in the bathroom. The dogs can reach it, but know better so they don't. When I feed them wet, I've trained the dogs to sit patiently until the cats are done. They won't approach the bowls until I give them permission. I've forgotten to release the dogs a few times and they actually laid on the floor looking at the bowls for over an hour with food scraps in them. I tell them "puppy time" and they leap up and lick the bowls clean. It's a game for them and everyone wins.
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Well, long ago, to keep Jake from chasing the cats, I had trained him to lay down and stay whenever any of the cats came into view. So when he finally moved indoors, he was sooooo easy to manage amongst the cats. He loves to stalk Buffy (oy) but I think that secretly, she enjoys that too. As for feeding, I feed the cats first, and Jake doesn't eat their food because he's sitting there, watching me prepare HIS food. But even if I wasn't preparing his food (he started on a RAW diet a few days ago; before, he was on kibble), he'd just lay down and watch the eating. He knows that when the cat has had enough food, she'll move away and Jake will have permission to go over and finish off anything the cat has left behind (Molly routinely disappoints him, lol, but Buffy leaves food behind pretty often. Plus, Jake likes licking up the blood residue from all the bowls, lol). Usually, I would put the cat's bowls down and then sit at the computer (watching Molly and Willow, because if given the chance, Molly will finish her meal and get started on Willow's, and Willow won't object at all). Jake will lay under the computer desk with me and will watch too. But now that he's eating RAW, he gets fed at the same time as the girls. Sometimes I'll put his bowl down when the girls are still eating, sometimes the girls are all done (maybe I've spent some time heating up something for Jake) and he'll eat where Molly's empty bowl is. If the cats are still eating, he eats next to the dishwasher, across the room from Molly (Willow eats wherever I can find her, but usually on a certain table in the living room; and Buffy eats on top of the fridge. Molly eats by the food cupboard area next to the computer desk)
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i have the cats and one dog. ALthough the dogs and cats food is near each other, the dog DOSENT have the run of the house. He is kept in the next room over, so he only has access to a water bowl. HE has scheduled feedings, and knows when mommys home, NOT to go near the kitty food, or he goes into the kennel.
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Originally Posted by Brandi View Post
For those of you that have both dogs and cats How do you feed them both...Any time I give my cats their food they dogs run over and it ALL of it Regardless of whether or not they have just ate...I am looking for suggestions/ideas on how best to feed everyone their fair share!
Cat gets fed behind a baby gate where her food (toys & litter box as well) is not accessible to dogs. The meal times are scheduled.
Dogs also eat at scheduled meal times. The cat is not allowed to eat their food, they are not allowed to eat hers. Supervision and setting up boundaries is the key if you want to fix the behavior.
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Keno (our lab) eats in the kitchen and the two cats have a small countertop in the basement where their food/water dishes are. Keno's been trained to stay out of that side of the basement (with the litter pan in there too).

I feed the cats first because Charlie will try and help Keno eat her food. By the time Charlie is done downstairs, Keno's finished her food upstairs None of the animals are free fed so there is no food left in bowls all day. The cats get dry in the morning and nibble on that for about 2 hrs but their food is on the counter.
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The free fed cats have a bowl of food in the computer room on one of the desks. I feed them on the counter and table for canned.
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my kitties's food is on top of dressers where my short little dog can't reach and he doesn't bother the litterboxes thank goodness!
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I have a 3 ft. high puppy pen that unfolds to about 10 feet long or so. I keep the cat foot behind that, with just enough space on one side for the cats to get in and out. I'm sure the dogs could easily push it aside, or jump it, if they thought about it... but so far, so good.
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I have a small little breakfast bar in the kitchen where I feed mine. Only thing thats on it is the cat food/water and the coffee pot.
Jake would chow it down in a heartbeat and it does not agree with him when he does :
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My cats food is up on the washer/dryer.....thats also where they get canned food at.

If I was to leave the dry out, I know the dogs would eat it all!!!
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