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My kitten started panting this afternoon, she is playing eating drinking and seems happy. I have never seen a cat pant, is this mean she is sick?
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is it warm? could just be hot. Maybe an allergy or something causing her to breathe thru her mouth
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Panting is not a normal cat behavior, though occasionally they will do so after strenuous exercise. Panting can be a sign of heart problems, so I would make an appointment with your vet to have your kitty checked out.
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Cats also pant when they get too hot. But when it gets to that point, it really does mean they're TOO hot. Get them into a cooler place, if possible.
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Lucky has now stopped panting, just had supper, I will keep an eye on her, maybe the kids played too much with her? Just bought some new toys this morning
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Lily pants when it gets too hot...she likes the temperature nice and comfy.

For the first time the other day, my husband saw our Sophie pant, but he thinks it's because he was running around and jumping in a 90degree room. (we had quite the heat wave this past week!)
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I asked this same question a few days ago. My little Daphne pants after playing. She is healthy otherwise.
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Blossom would always pant after a frantic attack of the zoomies. It was during our extremely hot & humid summer. I had the vet check her out each time she went in for her 1st vac's & desexing. She's never know other cats as we've had her since she was 3 weeks old. Her only playmates are our 2 dogs. Now that its winter she no longer pants.
But just to be on the safe side, if it happens too frequently, have her checked by the vet.
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Holly, my younger cat, started panting once in the car and I thought she was having a heart attack. My vet told me that cats pant when feeling stressed out or excessively hot. Nonetheless, I would definitely keep an eye out for her. My roommate's cat started panting because she could not breathe and ultimately died of a cardiac arrest later that night.
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My cats have been found panting after some jumping around / playing.
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My sweetie pants after she chases the laser beam. I only use it for a couple minutes and when I see her panting and just resting I stop playing with her. This is the only time she pants.
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My vet said panting is normal after a lot of play. He said it's unusual for a cat to play to that point, but some do. If I break out the laser or feather toy, Paris will play till she pants. Just be sure to allow them to rest on a cold surface and hide the toys so they can catch their breath. Paris usually goes for the cold tile in the bathroom to cool down.
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Trout used to pant when she was little when she played for too long. We would just stop playing and she would be fine
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My Daughter bought Lucky a feather toy, which she goes absolutely crazy over, Lucky is fine this morning, I told the kids to play with her for a while then put the toy up, I think they just played to hard with her, she is only 8 1/2 weeks old. The kids were excited and so was she.
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