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Polkie hostipalized today..send well wishes..

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This morning I got up to find that almost every room in the house had evidence of vomiting (so I thought at the time). Watery stuff but also very dark stuff too. Because I have 3 cats I wasn't sure who was doing it. At first I thougt Temper, my 15yr old cat but soon it was clear that Polkie, my alpha, was not behaving normally. First he refused breakfast, then he was seeking corners of the house to lie down. He never does that. I'ts a Sunday and the vet is closed and I'm pondering what to do when I find him straing out of the box. Immediatly I get him in the carrier and head on to the 24hr vet hospital. When I got there I still thought he had a colon blockage or something. First they assessed his bladder. It was small so it was evident it was not urinary track infection. Then after the assistent vet got his temp and wight and all the details, she left and I was waiting for the vet to come in when Polkie started straining again...big diahrreia comes. Same colour of the stuff in the house. He did it three times more before the vet finally came in to the room.

After the check-up the vet said that he seemed to be pretty healthy for a guy his age but because I couldn't be sure that he wasn't throwing up too, he recommended full bloodwork. He suspected that the symptoms were a combination of my recent change in diet from Wellness to Organics as well as slight kidney infection. Polkie was not happy when the vet felt his kidneys.

So, after the bloodwork, the vet called and said that there were some abnormalities. White cell count is up, red blood cell count is also slightly up and there is indication of slight dehidration. There were also other counts which I can't remember now (they're so technical). Basically it seems that the diharrea is from the switch in food but there is evidence of a kidney infection. He also did x-rays and nothing out of the ordinary shows there (thank God!). He is staying the night on IV for the dehydration with meds for the infection.

What could cause a kidney infection??? Now my two other babies, Temper and Dusky have hardly eaten anything. I wonder if they're behaving like this because Polkie isn't here right now.

I just want Polkie home. I already payed the bill for all that has been done and it came to $1,055 canadian. Is this usual for that type of vet bill?
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Don't have any info - but sending vibes that he gets better.
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I am so sorry for your Polkie, I hope he gets home soon.

I don't know what the exchange rate is between the Canandian and US dollar right now, but I just had a cat that had a similar experience, overnight at the vets, IV, blood and urine tests, Barium abdominal x-ray series. and it was $ 365 US.

This was at the regular vet though, not the emergency vet, so that would add some expense to yours. .
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and prayers for Polkie and and prayers that Temper and Dusky are just missing their brother. Infections can be caused by so many different things...hopefully the vet can tell you more tomorrow!
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Kidney infections can be caused when bacteria either migrates up the urinary tract or enters the blood stream and is carried to the kidneys. The cost seems pretty normal for an emergency vet. When Spot was rushed to the ER vet on his final day, it cost about $160 (US dollars) for the 5 minutes they spent trying to revive him. Full bloodwork alone through my normal vet is at least $250, and Willow's last full-body x-ray was $160. Unfortunately the costs can add up quickly.

Here are some links to information about kidney infections. From what I read, Polkie may need several weeks of antibiotics because there isn't a lot of blood flow to the kidneys (it takes longer to get enough of the antibiotic to that area to do its work).

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Any updates on Polkie?
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I hope everything is looking better today I had an episode with my dog at the vet, his xrays were only $25 a shot. IVs were about $30 each (for a 5L bag) anyhow, that does seem like a huge vet bill but as someone else mentioned I would imagine emergency vets cost at least two or three times what a norm. vet would charge.
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