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That's Hot!

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I think today was one of the hottest days here. When we went into the kitchen we found Neely laying upside down, back paws in the air to try and keep her belly cool.

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I sometimes find Topaz doing the same thing in front of the fan.
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That is just cute!! Look at that fuzzy little belly!
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Awwwww that's how my three have been lately as well
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Yep, that's what my kitties look like these days! With a week in the 90s I've seen a year's worth of kitty belly! Not that I'm complaning, I love kitty tummy!!
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I LOVE when kitties lay like that....I just wanta do the belly-rub thing when I see it.
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What a gorgeous fluffy girl
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that's exactly what my long hair Gaia does little hussies!!
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