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3-4 Week Old Kittens Found

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This morning when my friend was cleaning up the pile of brush on the side of her house she found four kittens lying there. She picked them up and put them in a small make-shift home. She immediately called me and I went to the store and bought some formula and we have been feeding them every few hours. We noticed the momma cat coming back around and before we knew it she had taken one back. I feel horrible taking them b/c they are so young but my friend's neighbor feeds strays and we just feel as though if we let them go back we'll never get them again.

(I posted a previous time about catching these ferals to have them fixed but I was on vacation and then my friend was on vacation, so our plan is to catch them this week. There are three...so wish us luck.)

They definitely have more energy because they started trying to play. It was soo cute.

But we have a question. Take a look at the tails on the black ones. They look like they're rotting. Any ideas? Thanks.





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It looks a little like mange to me. The kittens will need to see a vet for a checkup and to have their tails looked at. You said mumcat took one of the kittens back - are you keeping them outside? Even though it's summer where you are, they need to be inside, isolated from any pets that you have.

They look like they might just be beginning to be ready for weaning. Make up a nice moosh of cannned kitten food and formula, and see if they'll have a go at that. Warm it a little (stir to get rid of any hot spots), place in a small bowl or jar lid and wipe a little on each kitten's lips, so they get the taste.

Keep bottle-feeding them while they're learning to eat, as you want to make sure they're getting enough fluids.
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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I can't bring them in. They are at my friend's house and she has a bull terrier who is absolutely wild about attacking cats. He sees them and goes nuts. They are in the backyard, near an overhead fan. We're out there often making sure they don't get too warm. They are at the vet's already. Hopefully he can help us.

He even said that he'd keep them until they were better and try to adopt them out when they're ready. He's a awesome doc! He's constantly taking care of kitties and finding them homes.

Thanks again.
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