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I guess I shouls introduce myself (long)

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Hello I'm Barb. I'm proudly owned by 3 cats.
Bambo (for Bambi and Rambo) is my oldest at 10. Her name says it all. She is a great big grumpy baby. This is her home and we all do as she dictates. That is when she isn't upstairs sleeping.
I found her late at night under some bushes when she was about 5 weeks old. I kept hearing a kitten crying and everyone in the house said I was imagining it.
When I coaxed her out, she was half starved and near death. She was so thankful to be in and fed that she would purr, but so scared she'd be growling at the same time. Hence the name.
Norton is the next oldest, but the newest to this household. She is 5 and part snowshoe. A beautiful cat whom I rescued from a sewer at around 7 weeks. I was told she had been heard crying in there for at least 3 days. She had rat bites on her bottom and had ripped out several claws trying to get out. I just had to name her Norton from Ed Norton of the Honeymooners fame. After her 1 day stay at the vet I nursed her back to health and gave her to my Mother to keep her company. At that time Mom was spending time in the hospital on the average of once a month. That stopped when Norton was there with her, until last Spring when Mom was diagnosed wth cancer. I brought Noton home with me to live about 3 weeks ago, now that Mom can no longer care for her.
Scotty Duff is my youngest at 16 months and the only boy. He was named for one of the countries formost experts on what I do for a living. I actually went to the pound to get a dog for my grand daughter who just came to live with me. Scott had just been dropped off there and was about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks old. Poor little guy was scared to death and just crying so loud I couldn't resist him. So here I was with a 2 1/2 year old, a new puppy and Scotty. All in less than a month. I didn't get much sleep for a while. Scotty is a big pathetic sweetheart. He normally waits till my husband comes home and sits down in his chair. He's right on top of him laying acoss his lap on his back with his eyes rolled back in his head. He just adores him. He won't snuggle me, just my feet. He goes in for the kill and hangs on tooth and claw, but never hurts me. Just lays there not letting me move and enjoying being scratched by my toes.
Well, I guess I have been long winded enough. I'm sure I'll be back here many times as I'm taking a break from either work or this crazy house.... hee hee
Good to meet you all.
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Wow... you have your hands full!!!

Glad you found us!

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Welcome to the site Barb! What an angel you are to all of your furry loves. Such heartwarming stories. Two of our members have a website dedicated to helping strays and ferals and have rescue stories up on their website. I think all of your kitties qualify. The website is www.savesamoa.org and I know Laurie and Christy would love for you to submit your stories and pictures of the babies. (And of course, check out the other inspiring stories of rescue already on the site.)

I look forward to getting to know you better on the boards!
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Welcome Barb! Wow, what a furry handful you have in your home! Look forward to hearing more about them all!
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I know I'll love it here.
Yes, I do have a houseful. On top of all the cats and the one outside dog, I also have 9 (at the moment) rabbits.

Then of course the worst furry creature there is, my hubby..... hee hee

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope it's the best ever!!!

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