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Who remembers playing Jarts???

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No the "safe ones" but the ones first sold gosh a good 30 yrs ago (eek) with the metal tips???? You cannot buy on ebay as they are deemed hazardous or a weapon or something like that!!
When we were as the flea market this morning I found a set and bought them (probably 10x the original cost!!). They were in the box too so I have the directions!!
My sis and I used to play Jarts all the time in high school.
Neil and I have to practice up as we are going to play against my niece and her husband as she bought a Jarts set a couple of years ago!!
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I remember Jarts!!
I didn't have a set (mom said "are you kidding those are weapons!!) but I do remember our not-so-smart neighbors throwing them AT each other...I think they were drunk, or terminally stupid.
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I've never heard of the term "Jarts" before. I've always know it to be called "Darts", and they had the pointy metal tip. I think my brother still has an old dart board and darts.
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Jarts are lawn darts. Large dart like objects you throw to land in a hoop.

Yep I remember them, too.
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Actually Jarts is a outdoor game. Its also called lawn darts if you want to look it up on wikipedia (couldnt post link) Its kind of like horse shoes. A person has two Jarts two throw -they are really big looking darts into a ring that is a certain amount of feet away. Point scored on getting into the ring or the closet to the ring. The metal tip that sticks into the grass is about 3-4 inches long hence the "danger" for injury!!
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I found a set of Jarts at an antique mall about 10 years ago. They were sitting on the top shelf and I almost leaped over my DH trying to grab them. In the original box and everything. They were marked $10. The seller had no clue how valuable they were.

Jarts are cool. I will buy any set that I stumble across, provided the cost is reasonable.
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I remember Jarts. Specifically I remember nearly impaling one of my teammates with one with an errant toss. I was ejected from the game.
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I used to love to play jarts, but they were banned in the US and the sale of them is prohibited by law. You guys are lucky to have found any sets to buy!

I think they are way more fun than horseshoes, and the threat of impaling a fellow player kind of adds to the excitement.
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I ALMOST KILLED MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER WITH THEM! I was a little kid with apparently really bad aim. He was sitting at the opposite side in his wheelchair. I came reeee-ally close. Thank God almost doesn't count!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Actually Jarts is a outdoor game. Its also called lawn darts

Ahhh! I played those at my Uncle's house. I've never heard the term "Jarts" though. It was always called "Lawn Darts".
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