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Ashley's went to the Rainbow Bridge

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My sister called me sat am while Neil & I were on our why to Chicago.
She had her 17 yr old Ashley put down earlier that morning.
Its been warm where she lives and he wanted to sit outside so she left him outside (he doesn't go farther than 25 ft from the house)Friday nite. She found him earlier Sat am by her garden shed wounded and bloody. She took to vet and he had facial injuries, a broken back foot and puncture wounds around is rectal area. He also smelled like skunk.
In the past couple of weeks she had just started him on Sub-Q fluids as his kidney function had been declining. She said he was doing ok though. Her vet recommended that if she wanted a chance for survival she would have to take him for surgery to Virginia Tech (2-3 hrs ) away but his age and health problems would cause a problem. So she decided to have him put down.
Her other cat of 3 yrs-Pounce knows Ashley is gone and is sticking close to her. Ashley has made the trip to my house a few times in the past.
RIP Ashley I knew your time left was limited with us. He is know playing with his buddy Champ at the Raingow Bridge.
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Please tell your sister that I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for her.

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Oh this is so sad, your poor sister

Play happily over at Rainbow Bridge Ashley, and know that your going to be missed so much

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Rest in Peace Ashley.

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I'm so sorry for your sister's loss. RIP Ashley.
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I am so sorry for your sisters loss.

Ashley, RIP.
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Godspeed over RB, Ashley and condolences to your sister and Pounce. After 17 years, Ashley's passing will be leaving a huge gap in the family. May those many memories of a wonderful cat be a comfort to you all!
BTW, I am impressed that your sis would call to tell you about Ashley - that is what I call a good family When my sis had to put down her 21yo Rebekah, even our aunts and uncle called - a long-lived cat or dog is a family elder in its own right
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RIP at Rainbow Bridge Ashley.
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