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Jack needs help or a new home

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Well first...we brought my sis's cat in a little late. They got to know each other and all....but Jack randomly stalked him and tried to attack him till Brio pounced on Jack!

So they have been knowing the dogs for a while....mostly my baby Spyro who doesn't pay attention to the cats at all. I let him in (he was outside today cause it is very nice out) to eat and when he was done, took a stroll around the kitchen. Suddenly here comes Jack who gives two warning hisses (at poor Spyro who is paying him no mind) and attempts to pounce on him. I saved Spyro but....lets just say my hands are suffering from it. Can anyone help? So far we are looking for a new home where he would be the only pet....but if this can be stopped....
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So, Spyro is a dog and Jack is a cat?

Is Jack actually drawing blood? How often does this happen, and how long have they know each other? Does Jack attack any of the other animals?

Hissing is perfectly normal. Spyro did do something, he entered Jack's territory. Some cats can get a little antsy around dogs. Heck, Patches used to go out of her way to whack our terrier. The dog should be able to figure out how to handle it after a while. Either he will give Jack a wide berth, or he'll defend himself. (Our terrier took the option of going around Patches, poor thing would cram up against the wall if Patches was laying across the hall floor.)

If there is only hissing and a few scratches, let them figure out the pecking order.
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It sounds to me almost par for the couse...looks like Brio took care of Jack and told him how far he could go before he needs to back off. Usually dogs are even more quick to take the hint, in my experience. Have Jack and Spyro been "formally" introduced? Does Jack know that he can escape from Spyro?

I would bet that the next time Spyro is in the kitchen, he will watch out for Jack and keep his distance. Jack has set the limits, and I'll bet Spyro gets it from now on. (If Spyro understood he was under attack, that is.) Unless Jack is pathological, I'd give it more time...
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Thats interesting....Jack only hangs out in the kitchen to eat. Is it normal for a kitten to not hang out in his territory?

They have known each other for about 4 weeks now. He just randomly attacked him one day. Last night he started hissing at the rug???
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Hmmm...I would say that kittens just hang out wherever, depending if they feel like exploring or eating, or sleeping. Hissing at the rug seems a little odd. How old is Jack again?
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How old are these cats and are they fixed?
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He's about 4 months
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I think he's just having kittenish antics. I assume he's not neutered? That might cause some aggression.
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OK so I was just informed that he was aggressive even as a younger kitten (at a few weeks) and the only reason he gets on with people is because his eye became infected and he spent hours and hours with only human contact. Idk what to do with him! Maybe he should be an only pet?
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