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ill cat... help!

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my cat came in a week ago and couldnt use his right legs or see, he was also walking in circles. he is still eating fine and using his litter tray.. and hes back to his moody self! does anyone know what this could be???
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Did you say see (out of eyes) ? I take it you haven't brought him to the vet I think you should call the vet it doesn't sound good walking in circles thats strange.

You said he seems like he is back to his old self so there isn't any pain right are you able to touch his leg and if it is this eyes can he see now? I would at least give the vet a call if you can't bring him in maybe they can help over the phone.

Sending and hope all works out . Let us know how you make out.
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could be something Neurological. I would suggest taking him to the vet!
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i took him to the vet as soon as we found him like it, the vet we saw said he thought it was something to do with his brain, we took him to another vet a few days later and he said it could be one of a few things :S they also said that the only way they can find out whats happened is by doing a MRI scan but my mum recently canceled the pet insurance and it costs to much :/
so now theres not really and way of finding out properly so i thought i would see if anyone had seen this before or had an idea of what it could be??? :S
thanks anyway!
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Sounds neurological to me also. Could be a stroke or brain tumor, or if he's not that old, perhaps he's had a bad blow to his head? How old is he?
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I think he's either 10 or 12. The first vet we saw did think brain tumor and said about putting him down but we have had him for a week and seen some small improvements, like he can walk up and down the stairs now. I feel a bit cruel at the moment though becuase he likes to go outside and i dont want to let him becuase he cant see! .. and the vet did also say it could have been a stroke, its just annoying we cant find out for sure! It was also very weird the way he was fine in the morning and then all of a sudden we get told they think he has a brain tumor :S
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It definitely sound like some type of brain injury. And the vet is right, no way to really find out without an mri or ct scan.

I wouldn't put him to sleep unless he seems painful, or his quality of life is poor.

We had a dog that got kicked in the head by a horse. He didn't go blind, but did do the walking in circles. It took him a couple of months to get better.

My sister's 16 year old kitty had a stroke and went blind temporarily. She did get better and didn't have another stroke until she was 18. That on killed her

I think just keeping a close watch on him is the best course of action. Whatever you do, do not let him outside. He is not safe out there anymore

Lots of for your sweet boy.
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Perhaps you can get a cat harnass for him and take him outside under supervision? I agree with others that it is no longer safe for him to go outside alone.

I lost a cat that was diagnosed with a cognitive disorder, most likely caused by either a brain tumor or a stroke. We didn't do the MRI as whatever it was, it wasn't treatable (she was 17 when we lost her). We gave her everything she wanted and kept her comfortable.

If your vet thinks that this is something that can be treated once diagnosed with the MRI, then seriously consider it. But if you are not going to go after the problem once diagnosed, then does it matter the cause?
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It could also be a diabetes issue. My vet told me that diabetes will sometimes manifest via an inability to use the hind legs. The blindness also made me think of diabetes.
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thanks for suggestions.. i will leave him and see if he improves!
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