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Dog needs vibes.

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My DH's friend Chris has a one year old german shepard named Roan. He got sick and Chris took him to the vet and Roan was diagnosed with parvo. He's doing a little better but not much. If you can give Roan some vibes that would be great. Thanks.
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Sending good thoughts for Roan, parvo can be very scary. It is highly contagious and they need to clean the house thoroughly especially if they have any other pets. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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Poor Roan... I hear of more and more Parvo cases at this time of year... it's going around my local shelter, and a lot of dogs have had to be removed from the adoption list. It's a terrible disease but can be cured. Many vibes and prayers, sweet doggie.
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I will pray my hardest that he makes it! parvo sucks. is he still at the vets? the main thing is that they keep him hydrated. we had a dog just come down with parvo at the shelter and he made it. we sent him to get neutered and they do a fecal and he was positive with parvo. we kept him quarantined for 2 weeks and we tested him again and he was negative. so I pray that he makes it. please keep us updated. how old is Roan? and I suggest he doesn't get another puppy for a long time and that he bleachs his whole house. parvo can live in the ground for a very very long time.
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My friend just called me and she is Chris's sister. She said Chris had to take Roan in today to be put down. He was just to far gone. I think Roan was only like six months old. Still a puppy. Thank you for your vibes and prayers.
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I'm so sorry to hear the news, my sincere sympathies go out to your friend. RIP sweet Roan.
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My heart goes out to that poor puppy and his owner. That must be terrible!!

Send them my hugs please.
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I am so sorry. my thoughts and prayers are with Roan and his family. make sure she bleaches her whole house and not to get a pup for a long time. I would get a dog over 3 years old when he's ready. rest in peace sweet angel.
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Oh no - I hope he's ok. Lots and LOTS of thoughts, love, belly rubs and vibes coming from me and the kids.
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I am so sorry Roan didn't make it Sending lots of to Roans family.
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Oh my goodness I feel terrible - somehow I missed your second post. I'm SO sorry. Poor sweet Roan. RIP baby boy.
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