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Cat trees on eBay?

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Has anyone ever bought a cat tree from eBay? I am looking for a good cat tree for Peedoodle and the new kitten, but the ones i have seen in the pet store seem to be wobbly (we dont have a petsmart nearby )

I was wondering if the trees on eBay would be of good quality - some of them are dutch auctions and the price isnt too bad.

Or is it better if I build the tree myself? I got some plans and I just want to shop around to make sure I get the best for the cats, and especially have a tree that wont fall over!
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My friend makes cat posts for a living, he uses our driftwood from the beaches and carpets them. They are so sturdy, his 100 pound rottweiler can climb it and it won't fall over! Have a look http://www.phoenixfelinefurniture.com
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If they are doing a Dutch auction, see if you can find out more about their products. Most real businesses have their own website you can check out. If they do, be sure that they have a real physical address and phone number that you can call if there are problems.
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I noticed the prices are good on ebay, but the shipping cost is a killer. Some of the trees end up almost as much as buying in the store. I think there are several members who made their own. You could look for websites with instructions if you are crafty and want to save some money.
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Yea I thought about the shipping cost. I think I will make my own. Luckily hubby is handy with woodworking etc, so that will help.
I found that Lowes sells cast off carpets really cheap so I will get carpet from there, and only the best wood. I am a little concerned that some wood is treated with an arsenic base treatment, would it be a risk for Peedoodle and the new kitty?

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This place has great cat trees and when we ordered ours, shipping was free! The cat tree is sturdy and it was a good price


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