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I know I'm fat, but really...

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I am cruising down the bread aisle at the grocery store when a bag of bagels falls off the shelf at my feet.

Weight Watchers brand...

I left them in the bread aisle and bought butter croissants and gourmet cookies. (They were on sale! And probably tasted better.)
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too funny. I woulda left them, too!
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I haven't tried them but I have heard that the WW bagels are pretty tasty (however, it's also been said that other brands of LITE bagels are approximately the same calorie count with a comparable or better taste and not nearly as expensive)...
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that would have been my reponse too wanna share a criossant???
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DO DOO, DO DOO, DO DOO, DO ........Now thats a sign but I would of bought donuts to.
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Wow, that's kind of ironic. Good choice on the alternates though
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Ooh Ooh WW can be tasty!! Have you had their ice cream? *drool*
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You did the wrong thing!
You should have bought some chocolate eclairs, cheesecake and do nuts!
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That's funny Jan!!
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Jan, you crack me up!

As for me... I might have bought the bagels, but oh, the creamcheese I would have slathered all over 'em...
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Jan, you crack me up!

As for me... I might have bought the bagels, but oh, the creamcheese I would have slathered all over 'em...
And not the low fat stuff, either. Right?
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You crack me up! I probably would have done the same.
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Perfect place to put my grocery store story (Sorry, Gemlady ).
I went into the grocery store this morning, did the little "you go before me, no you go before me dance at the door" with a couple. They walked down the first aisle, so I was looking at some stuff waiting for them to move on down. All of a sudden I heard. I looked over and she was laying on the floor going, "Aaaahhhh....Ow...ow...ow". I yelled down to them that I would go get someone. I went to the cashier and--being the rude person I am--interrupted her hand-held video game playing to tell her.
I ran back and grabbed a roll of paper towels off the shelf and had her lay her head on it (the lady, not the cashier). She said her wrist and knee were hurt. She slipped in a puddle of coffee on the floor. Ironically enough, the guy came with a mop as I was stuffing the papertowels under her head. The manager came and took an accident report. Everytime I passed him thereafter, he gave me the eat and die look. Don't know what that was about. But anyway, no moral to this story, but just wanted to tell it.
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OMG you missed out! I have to stick up for WW here and say their stuff is sooooooo good

I lost 35 pounds with WW and I never felt like I missed out once. I still eat a lot of their stuff simply because it just tastes better! Honest! Especially the ice cream... ohhh call me Homer
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Mmmmm, croissants!! so good with chicken salad Good choices Jan!
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well what happen then?...did you sucumbe at the temptation!.........
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That's comical.
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