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Introducing a new kitten?

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We've had our 3 year old moggy Max since he was a kitten, but think maybe the time is right for him to have a companion. He's an indoor cat, who gets plenty of attention, but spends a fair amount of time alone whilst we're at work. We just feel it would be fun for him to have a playmate, but are obviously concerned that they won't get on, what with the territorial issues & his toys, and the fact that he hasn't had any contact with other cats since he was a baby.
I just want some advice on whether it's a good or bad idea, although obviously I realise it depends on each individual cat.
Thanks in advance.
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As you said it does depend on the cat, and theres really no way to tell without trying it. When i had only 1 cat he was about 3 before i brought another cat in the house. He was actually very good with it. Then the last cat i got, i got her 5 years ago, both my cats were older and they both didnt mind. If you do decide to get another cat introduce them slowly. If your worried your cat wont be ok with it. I wouldnt get a cat to young, younger ones tend to need more care and might make your other cat feel left out. When introducing them stay in a room with both show your cat its ok to have him/her there. Seeing as theres a new addition he may get a little jealous and want more attention so give him all of it that you can. Buy some more toys, so when the new kitty plays, your cat doesnt feel like hes taking over and taking his toys. You may be suprised how well it works out, I sure was when i brought my 2nd cat home. Its a tough choice not knowing how your cat will react. When i brought my last cat home. My oldest cat who was 11 at the time, bonded with the baby real good, they became best friends. I know you have work and stuff to do but try to time it good to bring the new kitty home when you've got enough time to spend time with them both. Hope everything goes good for you
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Males are usually more accepting to a newcomer then females are. So it wouldn't matter as much on sex. I'm assuming Max is neutered. As long as the new cat/kitten is spayed/neutered you shouldn't have too much problems with the normal steps in introduction.

I'd look for a cat with his personality and probably a kitten 6 months to around his age for best results
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