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Happy New Year!!

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To all my mates at TCS - Milo, Popcorn, Coco, Baby and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2003!!

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It's Baby!
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I'm nearly 4 weeks old!
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And I KNOW I'm cute!
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Is that the same little baby that you posted not too long ago? Awww I want to snuggle up with it!!! He/she is such a sweet looking thing....give it lots of scritches from me!
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The very same. Isn't he a doll? It's amazing comparing the two sets of pics. He was 12 days old then and is 4 weeks old tomorrow. Here's the original post: Baby at 12 days.
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He is so precious! The look on his face makes me want to cuddle up to him.
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Happy New Year to our Aussie friends!!!

(I have 18 hours to go!!!)
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He is Too Too precious! That's the first baby kitty pic I've ever seen. I know, unbelievable. Too cute, give him lots of scritches for me okay?:tounge2:
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18 hours...hmmm...I could do a quick New Years celebration over here, jump on a plane and be there in time for YOUR new Years! Got a spare Fosters Lizza mate??
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Baby is just too beautiful! He must have a fantastic foster mum for him to be so healthy.

Happy New Year Tania, Leslie and all of our Aussie friends!
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Aww, what a precious little muffin! He is so cute.

Happy New Year to everyone here at TCS, on the East Coast, we have less than 12 hours till 2003. Where did the time go?
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I just finished watching the New Years celebrations on TV from Sydney and Hong Kong.

Still 10.5 hours to go before the New Year strikes here!

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I'm just shy of 11 hours to go. That SHOULD be enough time, to get myself presentable!

Happy New Year, Down Under!
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I'm ashamed to say, but I just now figured out that the last pic of Baby is an EXTREME CLOSE UP! Very cute, as he already knows. I just wanted to say that incase anyone else is as daft as I am today.
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Baby is adorable and doing very well, by the looks of things! You've been doing a great job with him. He does look like a little muffin, as Brenda says! A very Happy New Year!
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Please give him scritches and kisses from his cyber aunty Ady!
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What a cute kitty...I want to snuggle him too !!! My cats have just been scooped up and snuggled extra hard because of those piccies...they don't seem very impressed by my enthusiasm and both have stomped out of the room in disgust !!!

Anyway, Happy New Year from the UK !!!
Hope you have a wonderful time where-ever you are in the world, and
best wishes for the coming year !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Years!!!! Only 6 more hours left of 2002 here in Pennsylvania!
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Just want to wish everyone here at TCS a very Happy New Year!!

May 2003 be as joyous as 2002 was around here!!
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