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Post-Surgery Pooping

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Leo had PU surgery on Thursday. He was able to come home from the vet Friday, and I've had him confined since then (and will until he goes back to get his sutures out in 2 weeks), so I'm carefully monitoring his litter box usage.

His appetite hasn't been too great since he's come home. I think this is partially because he just had surgery, and partially because I'm mixing his Nutro dry and Wellness wet with Hill's c/d (even though I have some reservations). He is eating a little when I sit with him and hold the bowl or hand feed him. While he certainly isn't eating as much as normal, I think he's eating enough right now, assuming his appetite will increase as he feels better.

The post-op instructions I got mentioned that they might not need to poop for 2 days after the surgery. Today is day 3, and Leo still hasn't. Do you think there's any reason to be concerned at this point? When should I be concerned about it?

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Still nothing from Leo, and sadly, nothing from anyone here yet either! Darn, I was hoping a vet tech or someone with PU surgery experience would be able to tell me something. I'll keep checking back for replies....
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Okay, I'm stupid. What is PU?

I'd probably call the vet.
If you put your ear to his abdomen, do you hear any thing moving around?
The surgery, pain meds, not eating can all contribute to slowing down the motility of the intestines. If you don't hear abny sounds, I'd be more concerned.
How is he doing on drinking?
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Are they thinking he wouldn't poop because of being put out for surgery? Or is he on pain meds?

I think a call to the vet is in order, especially if he has eaten enough to poop. I think it takes like 18 hours for things to go "all the way" through a cat. So if he has eaten, something should have come out.

he very well could be constipated, in which case they may just have you give him some laxatone or other hairball medicine.

I hope he recovers quickly.
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PU is perineal urethrostomy. It's a surgery done for male cats who chronically have urethral blockages and can't urinate. It basically eliminates the narrow urethra in the penis and creates a larger "girl" type opening for them to expel urine. The larger opening is much less likely to block.

I know he was "fasted" prior to the surgery, and yes, he is on pain meds.

Since I hadn't gotten a response here, I called my vet. Apparently it can take 4-5 days before they need to poop. If they still haven't by day 5, it's cause for concern.
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How is Leo's recovery going? I just saw this thread and I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. I know what it's like to worry about their recovery. Is he free from the bathroom yet?

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Originally Posted by Devlyn View Post
How is Leo's recovery going? I just saw this thread and I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. I know what it's like to worry about their recovery. Is he free from the bathroom yet?

First, don't worry about not replying sooner. It's not like you didn't have more important things to deal with!

Recovery is going well. He got his sutures out on Thursday, and did well. The surgery site looks really good, albeit still quite bald! His tabby stripes are starting to show again, though.

Yes, he was freed from the bathroom yesterday. He was very excited to be able to follow me around. Lilly took the "having to share again" thing better than I thought she would (she would prefer to be an "only" I think).

No issues until this morning, when he thought my bag of new clothes that I had set out to take to the dry cleaners would make a good place to pee. Argh!!! It was clearly *not* a straining issue - he was able to pee a lot. So, I switched out the regular litter in the box back to the Yesterday's News he had been using post-surgery. Now I'm playing the watch-and-wait game to see if he uses it. I put him it in, but of course, he didn't need to go since he had just emptied his bladder on my (dry clean only) clothes. After all we've been through with the medical issues in the past 6 weeks, the last thing we need is to start having behavior potty issues!
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My cat olive was spade 2 days ago. This is third day still no poop should I worry
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