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Might show!

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I might show Nikita! ..just maybe though.

I bought Nikita as a pet and nothing about showing was mentioned in the contract I signed, something that I wasn't bothered about because I wasn't interested in showing. However now partly after finding this forum and learning more about cat shows etc. I've gotten a bit interested.

I've contacted Nikita's breeder and she's happy with me showing her and is willing to help me out as well with info etc. Nikita doesn't have the flashiest markings but her type is good and nothing to be ashamed about so it's ok for me to show.

The main thing to worry about really is how Nikita would behave 'cos a year and a half is a bit old to start showing. I just wasn't interested before, heh.. She's really good with strangers and confident around people but not keen on other cats so it mightn't work at all. It's hard to tell. There's also the being closed in a cage for a day thing to worry about.

She's registered with the GCCF and the GCCF shows have rules where basically all the cages need to be identical so the judges can't know what cat is whose since they're supposed to be judged "blind" so to speak.

Anyway It's really nice that I'm allowed to show her, now it's the question whether or not I'm going to and if so how and if it'd be a good idea.

I'm sending off the pink slip though to have her properly registered in my name anyway. I hadn't done it yet because it costs a bit of money and it didn't matter. Now it just might!
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Ooh - how exciting! Good luck with showing her.

I'm in a similar position with Mosi in that I bought him as pet quality and his profile is too straight for him to do really well, but in other ways he's pretty good example of the breed. But I'm not sure about the temperament as he's very lively. he's also 1 1/2 years old now so I'm not sure if he's too old to start. I'd be interested in seeing how you get on showing Nikita. Do you have a show planned?
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No shows planned yet. It's sort of bad timing in that yesterday I noticed a semi bald spot on her inner forearm.

She had an overgrooming problem around 10 months ago which she then got over, me and her vet never quite got to the bottom of why exactly that happened but it got better so I wasn't too worried. I'm actually suspecting it might be mild pork allergies in addition to indoor stress. Anyway the spot is looking better already (I have some ointment for it left over from last time) she's not grooming a lot and I've made sure she gets no pork.

However that needs to heal up and all the fur to grow back and I need to be 100% sure she's healthy and ok before I'd start planning any specific shows. She's in great condition apart from that, glossy and healthy with good muscle tone but yeah

I emailed her breeder before this happened yesterday and just go the reply back now and got quite fired up because it was really nice however without question Nikita comes first and I need to solve her problem. I'm hoping it's just a minor setback and that she's fine but if not I've got several different options to try to help her.

Funny that Mosi and Nikita are rougly the same age though
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You never know The only thing to do is to try and see how it goes. If she likes it and the judges seem to like her, then you can continue in another show.

I know my females didn't like showing as much as my males. Ling was put in a show when she was over a year old. She likes people, is not too shy, loves dogs but really does not like all the other cats at the show.

She was fine in the cage, but not in the ring - it was evident after the 2nd ring - she went to the 3rd ring and was worse then the other two; so DH said "let's just pull her from the last ring - she doesn't like it".

So her show career was short lived. But at least we tried it once with her.

Charlie LOVES showing - he doesn't like the car ride but loves staying at new places and in the show hall
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My Lou was shown for the first time at age 1 yr 8 months last January. He doesn't like it much but he's so typey that both the breeder and I thought we should at least try! He's a Premier now (a neuter Champion) and has shown that he does NOT like to be shown ... a pity because he would Grand quickly.

He is not at all aggressive in the show rings in fact, he's quite the opposite but after the last show, he got ill from the stress and I/we have decided that I will find one more 4 ring show here in Malaysia in an attempt to Grand him. If he fails to grand, so be it.

Good Luck!
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Showing can be addictive! Good luck and I hope you both enjoy it!
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