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Vibes for my sister-in-law and her husband please?

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My SIL sent us a text message late last night to tell us that their dog passed away yesterday. This is a dog that her husband had since she was a pup, and she's been sick for a while.

Last year they figured out that her skin condition wasn't allergies, but rather skin cancer. Recently, her lymph nodes swelled up, and her breathing became labor. They figured the cancer spread and it would be soon.

But anyway, they're both quite upset, as you can imagine, and I was just thinking that some TCS vibes might help them a bit.

They're going to be burying her body today.

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Oh my gosh! I feel so terrible for them!

But at least their baby is happily playing over the bridge now... no more skin problems, no more pain Just lots of friends to play with and squirrels to chase! (I believe on the bridge squirrels are ok with that )

This has to be so rough on them. I'll keep them in my thoughts on what surely will be a very rough day for them.
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Oh no, how sad I am sending many for them to help heal the heartache.
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My condolences for them.
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Lots of vibes for them
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Oh no how sad I hate to hear this sending Wish I could save them all. He isn't in anymore pain now and is there Angel watching over them.
My deepest sympathies & prayers
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Oh my. How sad
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Please tell your sister-in-law and her husband that I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for them.

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That is so hard. It's the worst thing about having a pet. But that was not the last time they will see her. Many vibes and prayers.
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Oh, I'm so sorry for them. When you've had a dog (or cat) since when they were a baby, it's like losing a child. Many peaceful going out to them. At least their pup isn't in pain any longer, and she had the happiest life she could have ever wished for.
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Thank you all! My sister-in-law spent time at our home yesterday, while her husband went golfing (his therapy). She was very sad but glad to not be alone. They both realize that she's in a better place, but obviously it's still sad for them.

Thanks again!
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Oh, that's too bad. My DH's friend just lost his puppy to parvo yesterday. Plenty of vibes for sis and law.
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