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Winstons new play mate

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Although we miss Arnie so much, and could not replace him, Believe it or not, the place was actually too quiet with only one kitten.
Winston was also acting quite depressed that his little friend is no longer with us.

So we went back to the kitten rescue and brought him home a play mate.
He is called Murphy. I didn't think it was actually possible but I think he may have a few more screws loose then Winston!!

John liked him cause he looks like he has a goatee lol.

He has a foot fetish. He loves bare feet. You try to walk around the house and he is just head butting and pinning down and laying across your feet as you go. Many a time he has gone flying because you just can't react fast enough and stop your foot from going forward, but even so he comes back for more!!!

He is also really "talkative". By this I mean everything he does, he has a vocal noise to make.
If he jumps of a chair he does this kinda throaty purr/sweet growly thing ~ It's hard to describe.
As he walks along, he makes the same noise or just meows as he goes, for no perticular reason, other then to talk. He makes noises when he pees, when he eats. It's rather cute tho.

It's so funny to watch Winston and him play, They have no fear. They love to see who can get higher then the other. It's kinda nice because now they tire each other out and I don't have to contend with a bored kitten trying to claw his way though my laptop trying to get to my mouse cursor lol!

Well here are some photos of the two boys on the sofa, If we didn't know better, I would swear they are both from the same litter, they have the same "snake eyes" and almost the same pattern, and those massive bat ears!!
(Does anyone know what their pattern of the coat is?)

Winston is sitting at 3lbs 13 oz and Murphy is at 3lbs 3z (they are both 14 weeks old) And they eat like horses!

Winston of course is the B&W and Murphy is the Charcoal colour and white

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Sorry to hear about little Arnie. Your new kitty is gorgeous. They look happy together.
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Murphy is adorable.
I'm so glad Winston has a new brother and they're getting along so well.
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Doh! So cute! I love the stretching pose in the first pic
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So adorable! Poor Arnie. I'm sure if he was good friends with Winston he wants the best for him. Hope you have many happy years with your new kitty.
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Aww...they look like they were meant to be together! You all deserve some happiness after what you've been through. Enjoy!
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