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Tales from a crazy cat owner

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I wanted to hear all the crazy habits and stories you guys have! Here are some of my faves from my kitties.
Kahlua - She is my halloween kitty. We got her the week before halloween and she has proven to be our oddest cat. She is about 7 lbs full grown and is half the size of our other two. She is the only one of ours with all her claws. She has this odd purr she does when she is very happy and it sounds kind of like bubbles. Kind of like a coffee pot percolating is the best way to put it. And she does this while walking around the house and its kind of like jaws getting louder as she gets closer. Her favorite thing in the world is to be rubbed down with a wet wash cloth and jumping up on the tub after someone gets out of the shower. She also knows how to open all the doors in the house, which we cant figure out how. And then we have this little section of carpet on the wall (not our choice... and I'm not sure why its there) but she loves to climb on it and run sideways on it. So she is our ninja
Joey - He was found in our flowerbed screaming his head off at 4 weeks old. He was declawed (I really didnt have a say in it... ) but they missed one claw, so you can always tell its him running around on the carpet by the noises he makes! He is a VERY needy cat. If you arent petting him, then he will wiggle his way under your hand so that you are. He also loves to sit on your shoulder and kneed your neck and try to groom your hair. He is our most loving cat to say the least!
Chablis - Our fatty. He has this funny thing he does, he lays on his back and just rolls back and forth for about 5 or 10 minutes. He and Kahlua play wonderfully together, but the play fights can get rather vicious at times, but its all in fun and they never get hurt.
So what do you guys have?
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It sounds like you have a wonderful family. Cats have the most wonderful little quirks.
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How about it takes 3x as long to fold the laundry because my little Angel is a pouncing monster to the towels and clothes? I can't stay mad at her for 2 seconds because she's so cute!
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