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Pregnant Stray~ Update

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Hello everyone,
I posted back in June about a friendly stray my DH brought home that was hanging around the police station, and I couldn't remmeber how to get back here to update everyone.

Well since no one claimed this little cutie-pie, we decided to keep her. Some members thought she looked as though she may have just had kittens... She is indeed PG, and is due in a week or so according to our vet. She is still really a skinny little thing untill you look at her from above, then it looks like she swallowed a grapefruit. I think she is having a small litter (maybe 2, but I forgot to ask at the vets office).

This morning, I noticed that she had a little bit of crusty white on her nipples... I assume this means her milk has come in?

Thanks again for your warm welcome to this board. Now that I remmebered how to get back here, I'll try to pop in more often .

Have a great day!
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Welcome back! I look forward to your updates!
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Overnight it looks like Parker has doubled in size! Those little ones are moving non-stop, and I can see them wriggling in her belly from accross the room. She is still eating, and running around like always... so I have no clue when she will deliver. The vet had said maybe the week of the 12th... so I just keep watching for any signs of change.

My 3 year old has had a ball "decorating" Parkers nesting box, and insists that when the kittens open thier eyes it should look like a magical palace. She is just using non-toxic crayons to color, so that should be fine right? Parker has been sleeping in the box for about a week now, so I hope she finds it when it's time to have the little ones.

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How is your kitty doing? Any news?
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Hello, and thank you for thinking of us. Parker has been slowing down these past few days, but is still as lovey as always. She is still fairly small, so maybe only a few kittens... but we will see soon enough!

The vet said the week of the 12th, so here we are just waiting for any action.

Lazy Days

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Yeah! I think we will be having little kittens tonight or tomorow!

Parker just jumped up onto my lap, and her water broke at the same time!

Here's to a healthy litter and an easy delivery.
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oohh that is so exciting she is very pretty
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Awww, she's such a pretty girl!!!!
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