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I just wanted to give a little toot to Dianne of the Second chance kitten rescue

If anyone is looking for kittens in NC, she is based there.

We got our boys from there. She's such a lovely lady who I am sure like most rescuers on here, works a full time day job and then comes home to work a full time kitten rescue job!

The built a special building on to the back of their garage to house all the kittens that come in and it is just a lovely facility.

When ever the kittens come in they get the best vet care, no expense spared. when the kittens come to you they have full medical records etc and she even gives you discount certs for her vets to get them fixed when it's time.

She also has the most fantastic *big* ginger cat that is her own called haha! I am totally in love with him and might have to go catnap him

She's so generous and loving. I know for one, I just could not do what she does. I'd end up keeping them all! lol.

to all you rescuers out there that does what she does.