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Kitten Pictures!!

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Sorry its been so long since I've posted some pictures. Its been very crazy around here lately. Anyways, we have homes and names for everyone now. They're getting big and are eating wet food now.(and also eating some of Zorro's dry food whenever they can)

(we're keeping him)

(she's going with Diva)


Zorro and Lilith

Kitty pile

Boo and Cam


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Awww how cute!! Im glad their doing very well, and you have found homes for them.
Is Boo a polydactyl? i think thats how you spell it, with extra toes? looks like little mittens?
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Adorable pics, it looks like they're long hairs. They're my favorite.
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Yeah Boo is polydactal He's really handsome too. Just be sure to clip those extra nails

And it looks like he will be a semi longhair so you need to start a grooming routine of him being combed so he will be ok with things as he grows
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oh how cute! I just want to take them all and squeeze them!!!!
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He sure is a polydactal. The good thing is that there are no extra nails. I checked the first time I cut their nails and didn't find any.
Cam is definately a short hair, but Boo and Lily's hair is a little longer (like Diva's and Zorro's).
I've been trying to get them used to vacuums and water since they're at that stage right now. Lily's doing good, but Boo's scared of his own shadow, lol.
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