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Diarrhea & cat food

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We just got a 4 month old male Abyssinian to go along with our 2 older females. The problem is this little boy has diarrhea all the time probably from the fancy feast. This is about the only thing these picky girls eat so finding a food that satisfies all is a problem. We tried science diet/kitten formula and he would not eat it. In fact one of the older girls ate it. Does anyone know of a brand of wet food that might be better for a kitten yet tasty enough for the older girls?
Separating these cats for food is impossible, this frisky boy is absolutely nuts and the older female is obsessed with food. We are running out of ideas to keep this boy solid. Otherwise he's perfectly healthy, he just stinks!

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If he has reoccuring diarrhea a fecal is a good idea. The vet can then help you stop his problem. I wouldn't guess what is causing his loose stools until you do see a professional. Your biggest concern is the amount of liquids they loose when they have diarrhea. He can become dehydrated quickly. I would take him in.
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