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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 2006 Secret Santa and favorite nut!!!
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Attachment 12491 WISHES TO YOU & MANY MORE
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
You have no idea how much I would have loved to bring them home....they were living in a very old building that I think someone still uses as a mechanics garage.........of course they weren't open today. When we were driving by, I saw them and I told Jerry to pull around and go back.....they're well fed, but one one doesn't get any grooming and has matts like you wouldn' believe. If we hadn' tbeen in NY and closer to home, I would have tried to take them and at least have the one have it's matts removed....
Here's a link to the kitties.......
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Happy Birthday Susie!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy Birthday My Friend.. Hope it was Great

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Happy Birthday Susie...I hope you had a good day
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Have a super day Susie!!!
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Great Zot, Sooz!! I almost missed your day!

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Thank you everybody for all the good wishes!
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Happpppy Be lated Biiiiiirthday Dear Susie!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!

And God Bless you my friend Always!
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Happy Birthday Susie Q! I hope you got everything you wished for!
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Thanks again everybody! It's almost been a week and I think the fun is over.......
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happy birthday !!!!! hope you have or had a great day
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I'm sorry I was out of town and couldn't wish you a happy birthday, but happy belated birthday Susie!!!

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Happy Birthday Susie!! \t Hope you had a GREAT day!!
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