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Life after death and pets................

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I just read on a website somewhere about a lady who had a near-death experience.

First of all, do any of you believe that these things happen? That you can actually "die" and come back?

Anyway....this was kind of neat to read considering I have been having a hard time with Angel's death. This lady actually had left her body while on the operating table and, like most stories we read about these things, she did see this light. When she got closer to it, though, she was greeted by her dog, Maggie, that had died maybe a month earlier! Is that amazing or what? It really gives me some hope that I WILL see Angel again and that pets DO go where people go :angel2: ....

I am not wrong, am I? I know I have had signs with her fur appearing a few weeks ago, but being sad and everything, I just keep wanting reassurance....
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I got slammed in the head last year in a freak accident. While I was unconscious, I had a visit from my son. Jeremy was born in 1976 and lived to be only 18 hours old. My son that I "saw" was a grown young man and we had a wonderful talk. He gave me a message to give to his dad, and I so wanted to stay with him, but he told me I had to go back.

When I finally got the nerve up to tell my doctor what happened, he didn't seem to be at all surprised. Said he hears stuff like this happening all the time. It was a very peaceful moment, hour? whatever it was it passed like the wind and left me with a feeling of deep contentment.
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Wow! That is amazing! I did read about relatives greeting people, but that is just WAY cool that your baby son was there all grown up. That must've been pretty rewarding and somewhat fulfilling for you.

Do you think pets can do that?
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I don't know. I didn't see any cats with my son, and God knows I have had plenty that I have lost in the years I have been rescuing. I believe that cats do go to heaven, I believe they have souls. It may be that someone thought putting a cat in the same place as my son might prove distracting. As I said, I don't know. Many people believe in reincarnation- it is a purely personal belief for everyone.

I also know that I never really let go of the ones who pass on, but I do try and not think about their passing, as there are so many others out there that need all of my undivided attention.
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I have heard some stories about people who are grieving a deceased pet and asking God where the pet is. According to these stories, right after the people talk to God, they always see a very beautiful rainbow. I don't know if any of these stories are true or not.

Hissy, I have heard many stories which are identical to yours.
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I dont have any stories to share but I do believe very much that animals go to heaven the same as we do. I have a very good little friend that I am looking forward to seeing again one day. I would say that it is something you can hold in your heart that you will see your angel again.
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I believe that they are all watching over us, their loved ones. I believe that my beloved nana is watching over me, and that gives me comfort. She died when I was 6 and I still miss her.
When my old boyfriend died, I was devastated, and one day I went to visit his grave but for some reason I could not find it and I just got so upset, but, later that night, I had a 'visit' from him and I found it the next day, and I believe he was telling me that he was okay.

I am sure that Angel is happy now, and in peace, probably watching over you and remembering the love that you gave her.
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Carrie....this is my whole take on the "Will we be reunited with our pets?" question....just my 2 cents....not worth much...but here it is...

I have had people tell me in the past that it was ridiculous of me to say that I might someday be reunited with my dead pets...they said, "Pets have no soul...therefore they will not be in heaven".....I don't agree with this. (that they won't be in heaven) Why? Because while animals may not have a "soul" per say, like humans do, this is the way I view it....

God is our father....God loves his children (us) and what father would deny his child of seeing and being reunited with their beloved pet someday if he had the power to do so? (which he does) So I fully believe that our pets that we have loved so much WILL be in heaven, contrary to what many think.....because our father loves us, and knows how much it would please us to see our pets that we have loved and lost, again..... just my thoughts.
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I agree with you Debby, my old roommate said that animals didnt have a soul or personality, I disagreed with her, because I can SEE that they do, anyone who is an animal lover would know that animals do have souls, like you say Debby, it may not be the same as us humans do, but they do have one.
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My good friend Diane, wrote an insightful piece on this topic of if animals have souls:

Do Animals Have Souls?
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That is a great article Hissy and so well written.

Thanks Hissy!
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That IS a wonderful article! Really does get the point across.

I do believe animals have personality and all of that....that is why one cat acts different than the next one. But as far as heaven goes, I just want to be reassured that Angel WILL be there...that animals go there....that heaven isn't just for us (the higher intelligent beings). I can't explain what I mean, really....
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I believe that Sylvia Browne's description of animals and the afterlife is true: when we cross over, all the animals with whom we've shared our lives and all of our loved ones come a-runnin' to greet us.

BTW, I never liked the use of the term "near-death" experience. Near death makes it sound as though one were close to death. But if your spirit/ soul pulls out of the material body, allowing the soul to view current life situations (or the spirit world), it is, to me, an actual "death" experience. However, I do care for the word death, either. I don't belive that life ever ceases to exist. Our energy simply takes on another form, and off we go!

Take care,

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