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Growths on paws?

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Seb has a few toes that have a pointy callous-like growth. When I took him to have his teeth cleaned in March, I asked the vet to look at them when he clipped his claws. They didn't do or say anything about them - so frustrating.

Does anyone have any experience with this? They are not painful. How do I keep them from forming?

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I dont know for sure but my older pup has "calluous " type things and the vet says they are warts and not painful
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Flowers of Sulfur will kill warts (found at speciality pharmacies).

It can be mixed with oil or unscented cream.

For humans, the sulfur compound can then be duct taped (24/7) for extra suffication of the wart and in a couple of days up to a week you'll notice that the wart will start to turn black.

It really works!!
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Are they new, or have they always been there? Are they on the toes or the paw pads?
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When my cat had something similar, the vet told us it was just calluses and nothing to worry about. He just said they could trim them down if they got too large. His have always stayed very small, usually at the tips of the pads on his toes, so we've never had to do anything about it.
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