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Another Q: Diet and Doo :)

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Does anyone know if changing from one cat food to another can cause softer stools? Marlowe apparently has a history of soft stool - he came into the shelter two years ago with coccidia and doesn't test positive anymore, but his stools still aren't firm.

I've had him for a week and had to make a pretty swift change between Nutro Max, which they were feeding him, and Premium Edge kibble, which I'd already purchased. I didn't know they fed Nutro and thought they were giving me enough to mix a few times...but they forgot it when I met them to pick up Marlowe.

So, the last couple days, I've noticed he's been a little gassy (and a lot smelly). He had a really soft, really foul-smelling poo today, and I just want to make sure that the food I'm providing is ok. He's eating fine and drinking plenty of water. I can't afford super-premium foods, but I'd like to give him the best I can. Is Max better? Should I just wait to see if he adapts to the new diet? (Silly question: how long should I wait, and do you have any thoughts about foods or supplements to try next if needed?)

Thanks again! I'm afraid I'll have a few questions the next couple of weeks as he and I get to know each other. I really appreciate your patience and help!
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A swift change will cause gas/diarrhea/etc. Basic digestive upsets. I would wait a week or two & if his stools aren't firm, contact you vet. However, you must be careful. If the stools are simply "puddles" call your vet sooner. Diarrhea that extreme can cause dehydration quickly.

Nutro MAX is a pretty good food IMO. Another "cheaper" one to look into is Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. Premium Edge is good as well. IMO, it depends on which food he does the best on!

For future reference....if at all possible, try to do a switch over 2-3 weeks. Oh yes, and from my volunteer experience....the shelter is a very stressful place & some cats never ever have formed stools there!
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I agree too fast of switch over ... if you go back and switch slowly and it happens then the Premium Edge is likely too rich for the kitty
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So, would you both recommend reintroducing Nutro MAX to the diet for a bit and keeping them mixed for a couple of weeks? He's been on Premium for six days...and the poop isn't a puddle, but it's very soft and oh dear god it reeks to high heaven Naturally, it's also easier to get stuck in his tail. I am completely open to suggestions! Thanks!
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I suggest mixing the Nutro MAX in with his food. Even at this point, it'll still probably help!
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I switch foods gradually over a month period. The first week is 75% original, next week is 50-50, third week is 25% original, then the fully transitioned over the 4th week. Some cats can handle a change in food quickly, but most that have come from shelters who are stressed in the first place can't handle it.
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Great, I'll go see if any pet stores are still open. Believe me, I didn't want to switch that fast! I felt so bad when I realized he'd have to change overnight... I'll keep my fingers crossed that bringing Nutro back into the mix will help for a few weeks.
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Oh no...so I purchased the Nutro MAX last night and mixed it with his new food until the bowl contained mostly Nutro...and he won't eat. Hasn't touched it. Keeps walking up to the bowl, sniffing it, and walking away.

ARGH!!! Now what? Do I go back to the stuff he likes, even though it's upset his system? Or wait him out to see if he's eaten after I get home today. I'm sorry to be so daft - I'm so new at this, and I don't know what to do!
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25 max 75 premium edge ...

max has two meats

premium edge has four ( i think)
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